Your Holiday Style Guide 2016


The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming! WHAT!? WHEN? Oh right, that would be T-21 days according to my tea advent calendar (which btw, is the best gift ever for tea drinkers ’cause it’s the gift that keeps on giving and it’s a great sharing present. Thank you brother and sister-in-law).


I should have known the holidays are right around the corner. Thinking back, those sleigh bells have been ring-ring-ring-a-ling, jing-jing-jing-a-ling since November 1. Elf, Home Alone 1 and 2, Four Christmases and Planes, Trains and Automobiles have all made their way to the airwaves just after Michael Meyers and all his superhuman serial killer cronies finished tormenting me for the entire month of October. So I can’t say I haven’t have fair warning. Thank goodness the blood and gore have been replaced with fluffy white snow and feel good endings. I can sleep easy at night once again waiting in anticipation for the pitter patter sound of reindeer hooves on my roof and not a monster in my closet.


For the past two months, I’ve been knee deep in merde, trying to become fully proficient in the language of love. And aside from a few crazy “your not going to believe what happened to me today on the bus” stories (someday I will write my bus diaries/people on the bus blog because trust me these stories are worth sharing), I’ve had my head in another game and been too busy to divert my attention away, nor have I had the wherewithal to get around to blogging about all things fashionably fun.


Speaking of wear with all, let’s get down to business and talk about holiday dressing. I’m sure a few of you have parties to go to, and some may have already had their office Xmas party, in which case milles apologies. Sorry I’m late to your party. Apologies aside, let’s get down to shop talk.

What to Wear for the Holidays?


The Velveteen Rabbit’s got a few things over Santa and of those things is his luxurious fur coat. Santa’s trim on his jacket is a touch tacky, no? I’m crushing on this year’s crushed velvet texture that has been translated into multiple fashion items. It’s gorgeous in its traditional form, but equally gorgeous when it’s crushed or printed. Chic up your holiday look with a little velvet-y goodness. It’s truly the season for this fabric. Pair it with lace, silk, metallic, sequins or leather to up your holiday A-game.





We do want the Velveteen Rabbit to keep his coat so let’s go to the faux-fur side of things for the holidays. I do love the look of draping a faux-fur stole over a simple pencil skirt and blouse, a jumpsuit or your LBD to take you to holiday party perfection. Banana Republic has some pretty terrific ones this year in the 2016 Pantone palette.





Dip yourself in liquid metal this season to be holiday ready. It’s always a guaranteed hit. There’s the traditionally gorgeous silvers and golds, black and ivory, maybe a deep forest green for a real Christmas kick, but don’t discount the unconventional colours like hot pink or teal blue. May I recommend it in this season’s trend that keeps on trending, the bomber jacket?





Say no more.





Mr. Sparkle, actually that’s Miss Sparkle to you . . . if your nasty – can’t you see that I am serious? You need to add a little sparkle to your holiday glam with shimmer, glimmer, glitz and gleam. If you ever want to try the look, this would be the time, just as Halloween was the day to try out that black lipstick trend without serious repercussions. Look for sparkle in your shoes, shirts, pants, skirts, dress or even a sparkly pair of short shorts. Find your inner sparkle child.




Wrap yourself up and get to that party, sister! Bows are a great way to look holiday party perfect and won’t set you back much coin.




I’m still mad for plaid. It’s a great print. Must be my Scottish heritage. Plaid skirts, blazers or tops paired with bold, sparkly jewellery or with faux fur is great for the holidays. It can be casual or elegant


The Holiday Sweater

The badder the better, I say. Last year I went to a holiday party thinking it was a tacky sweater party and forced my husband into creating a DIY one from the Dollar Store Christmas aisle of goodies. Unfortunately, it was just a regular holiday sweater party. We were the only ones that went down that tacky rabbit hole. Yup. I got the stink eye from hubby for forcing him into the look (strangle-y mock-neck and all), but what can you do at that point but own it. It was a Bridget Jones moment only with reindeer antlers instead of bunny ears. Pick yourself up a holiday sweater. You’ll have it for years.




So get out and hit the party circuit because now you are ready to paint the town red, green or plaid and wrap up this season in style.

Carolyn Bissett