Would You Like Fries with Your Fashion?


I know that it is great for advertising and brand awareness, but when it comes to fashion like Moschino’s McDonald’s inspired purse, let’s just say that I’m not lovin’ it. moschino-macdonalds-bagSame goes for the Andy Warhol Campbell’s soup crop top, or Heinz ketchup dress. I won’t embrace this trend this season. I’m all for quirky, but this one teeters on tacky. Let’s just call a spade a spade – tacky! Moschino, I usually love your stuff, but lets leave this one for the fryer. You know who could pull this look off – the Harajuku fashionistas in Japan who will rock this trend like nobody’s business, along with the Alice in Wonderland look. So unless you are still in high school or as adorably cute as Puss ‘n Boots, let’s crush it before it gets any legs. Rubble Rubble!


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