White After Labour Day, Oh My!


Not “oh my,” it’s okay (‘ees OK). Really it is. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Just consider the fabric when you are wearing white after Labour Day. Unless you are south of 30, put away the white linen pants and keep the white jeans going – maybe not the white jeans with the see-through pockets – and really why do they even make white jeans where the pockets show through because if you can see them then chances are you can see other bits too, but I digress . . . So pull out those white jeans where the pockets don’t show through and pair it with a thick, chunky turtleneck sweater, so popular for fall 2014, and chunkify your look.


whitesweater_whitejeansPair your whites with deeper hues like black, camel or charcoal to make it look seasonally appropriate and put away the pastels or brighter hues that you may have worn with it in the spring and summer. Also let your white stilettos have a rest until next May 24 and exchange it for a two-tone loafer or bootie to make it look fall chic. And remember that a new, fresh, crisp, white cotton shirt always looks good no matter what the season.






  1. This is great advice! And I so agree – why on earth do white jeans with visible pockets exist?!?! Going to go put together a chunkified white-on-white look right now!

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