Ultra violet has never been hotter than in 2018


There’s only one safe way to get your UVs and that is through your wardrobe. Step aside “greenery” because it’s time to make way for a whole lot of “ultra violet.” The Pantone Institute nominated ultra violet as the colour of the year for 2018, and when they said go the buyers jumped on it like a leprechaun jumps on a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s a magically delicious colour, no?

What is ultra violet exactly? I would say that it’s comparable to the bloom on an African violet plant. That being said, we live in an inclusive society where all shades of purple are equal so let’s include the lightest of lavender to the darkest eggplant into the mix.

We haven’t seen a whole lot of purple as a dominant colour in fashion for quite a number of years–like back when Krystal Carrington and Alexis toppled into the lily pond or when Prince reigned the airwaves–so I’d say that we are overdue for 50 shades of violet.

This colour is no longer just reserved for the Royals, Easter frocks and silky chickens. Take a look and you will see this happy hue showing up in everything fashion, beauty and home.

Are you ready to tackle the new hue, but uncertain where to start? You could do a head-to-toe look that’ll knock the socks off of the pickle ball courts of Boca Raton, or just do a pinch of purple with a fun purse, pumps or pair of earrings. Whatever your comfort level, I encourage you to give this colour a try.

Colour matching ultra violet

Only the bravest of fashionistas will be comfortable donning a full look of lavender, so odds are you’ll pull your purples apart to wear as separates. But what pray tell works with this slightly intimidating colour?

Let’s start with the easy and work our way out from there.

All neutrals work well with ultra violet, however, white or ivory is always a winning combination that is easy for most of us to digest. Equally appealing are navy, black, beige, grey (from dove to titanium) and all shades of denim.

Are you ready to extend your reach that little bit farther? Consider pairing lavender with rich camel or with army green. Both offer a gorgeous contrast to lavender and they fit under the neutral category.

Look to the sun and sunset. Marigold and many shades of yellow shine a ray of wonder when contrasted against purple.

If you want to go a bit bolder than green is the colour to do. Green is the colour wheel opposite to purple so you can’t go wrong. Plus what better way to incorporate all your 2017’s greenery fashion finds than by mixing it with ultra violet. No need to toss aside last year’s trend. The ideal option is to match it to the same hue or to its polar opposite like lavender and mint or Barney purple and guacamole (why does that make me laugh?). Equally great are contrasting colours like a deep grape paired against seafoam.

Don’t shy away from matching ultra violet within its own colour spectrum. Think in terms of shades of mulberry, jam, grape and magenta. You’ll be surprised at how beautiful lavender is with plum or heather with sangria.

Shall we push it even further still and investigate the blues hues? There is the obvious marine blue that is always lovely, but equally gorgeous are aquas, teals and icy blues mixed with purples. Yes mam.

What to pick up?

The colour is here to stay, for a year at least, so don’t be shy and give it a try. Pick up a purple skirt, a lavender sweater set, a violet floral kimono, a cute little bomber or denim jacket, chinos, ankle jeans or some cute little lavender shorts and paint the town purple.

If you are more comfortable going full-on, a dress is the easiest stepping stone to this bold colour choice, but in a way that won’t leave you questioning whether your selection maybe went a bit too far. There are so many beautiful boho style dresses, wrap dresses and shift dresses this season that would look great in this plummy shade.

Let’s not ignore the jumpsuit because it is an A-list option for T2T dressing.

Why not pick up a coat in ultra violet? This season’s popular faux fur coats are huge, though you do risk looking a bit like a Muppet. You’ve got to be seriously confident and majorly put together in all the right ways if you are going to take the risk and go this route. Easier options are felt coats or moto jackets.

For the go big or go home gals out there, go for a purple suit. Easter is just around the corner. I recommend finding one in a softer shade of lavender like Banana Republic offers. It makes it a less obvious T2T look then its bolder royal purple sister.

For the fashionably faint of heart, add a little ultra violet light into your accessories. Pick up a pair of purple pumps (suede, satin or metallic are my recommendation), a handbag or maybe just a fun silk scarf or purple tassel earrings.

The colour is bold so I encourage a bold contrast to match. Look towards prints like black and white polka dots or stripes for the best contrast.

So there you have it. You are ready to step outside and shine your own light in your ultra violets.

Carolyn Bissett