The Tulle Skirt


Google  Data tells us what fashion trends people are searching at the moment. One of the top search items identified this season is the tulle skirt. This caught me a little off guard because I must admit that I have not noticed an abundance of these skirts around, outside of the Nutcracker at Christmas time. Neither have I seen much in the magazines, nor have I noticed tulle skirts on celebrities, with the exception of Lara Flynn Boyle’s 2003 Golden Globe number. But then there was Carrie Bradshaw, who wore it like no other. Mind you, is there anything Carrie can’t wear? So it got me thinking about whether this is indeed a fashion trend, promwear style, or more just a bunch of moms in need of something for their daughter’s spring recital.

tulle skirt

I have been obsessed with ballet chic fashion for as long as I can remember. As a child I loved the tutu, a perfectly coiffed bun and the palest of pink hues. Today, I equally adore the more grown up equivalent of delicate fabrics, figure enhancing shapes, softly covering the body, suggesting yet simultaneously hiding, and always a perfect fit. The minimalist aesthetic that is equally dramatic is sublime. I easily could have chosen the ethereal tulle wedding gown over the simpler, more classic shape that I landed with in the end.

tulle skirt

When Black Swan hit the theatres a few years back, I went a little bit coocoo for the Rodarte costumes, and in particular, the exquisite wrap sweaters and shrugs worn by Nathalie Portman and Mila Kunis. I may have done a jeté (in my head) when legwarmers made their comeback. You want fame? Well fame costs, and right here is where you start paying, in sweat . . . but I digress. All this Fame talk gets me thinking about how I always wanted to dance on pointe, or at least own a pair of those lovely satin slippers and wear them around the house. The horrors upon horror the day I realized how mangled dancer feet are from wearing those shoes, averaging 9 out of 10 toenails missing – yick. Maybe I’ll pass. I am prepared to accept a little bit of foot torture, but come on. I will stick with option B, the more respectable ballet flat.

tulle skirt

I hit up the Interwebster and according to Google Data, searches for tulle skirts are up 34% from the year prior. People not only want to buy these skirts, but they also want to DIY them too. So this sent me on a quest to see what else I could find out, if we are indeed talking about them, then how are they being worn as fashion and not just as costume in the the-A-tre.

tulle skirt

Let me tell you that what I found has re-introduced my lust for all things ballet chic. This look is divine, and clearly I am not alone as a ballerina wannabe. I may have missed the boat on that dream, and grown 9 inches too tall, but can we all agree that it’s not too late to incorporate a tulle skirt into your wardrobe? Me wants, me wants. With the right combination, on the right personality, and with the right style identity, this look can be worn almost anywhere.

How to wear the tulle skirt?

The tulle skirt is the prima ballerina to the outfit, however, it works best with a strong cast of supporters vying for attention. This happens in the form of colour, pattern, texture and adornment.

Delicate Knits

My favourite take on the look is adding a fine crewneck sweater or cardigan in a soft colour or print like polka dots, stripes or graphics.

tulle skirt

Cool girl casual

I equally love it done super casual with a t-shirt or tank and rockstar boots and handbag.

tulle skirt

Make it more sophistcated

For those that work in a more creative environment, throw on a blazer and you are ready to go to the office. Try the blazer in leather or tweed for a beautiful juxtaposition to both the look and the fabric.

tulle skirt


Stiletto heels are a sure win, but ballet flats can also work.

Suede boots add a gorgeous contrast to the tulle fabric.

Consider adding details to your footwear like jewels, ribbons, pattern and texture.

tulle skirt


Don’t be afraid to adorn this look. It can handle it. Layer on a multi-strand of pearls, an oversized statement necklace, or pair it with a top adorned with jewels. I love the idea of little bow details too.

Tulle Skirt


Try a pretty little bag to go along with this pretty little look. Think Chanel’s traditional quilted chain strap handbag, or a structured ladylike bag that you carry on your wrist. The mini bag is a guaranteed win with this look.

tulle skirt


Oh chambray, can a week go by where I can’t find a way to work you into the posts? You really do go with absolutely everything.

Tulle Skirt

Tulle Skirt

Statement Shirt

Be patient because I did it again. Another one of my faves that finds its way in multiple articles. Look how cute it is together.

tulle skirt

Tulle Skirt Do

Because the skirt is so full, keep all your top or layering pieces close to the body.

Tulle Skirt Don’t

Don’t make it too literal. You don’t want to look like an extra in Giselle. Rather the aim is to look like a fashion It girl ready to hit the town on pointe.

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