The Sophisticated Jogger


The What? The Who? Is this someone who runs in the Hamptons and wears a Smart Watch, Nike Air Zoom Kobes and a fedora, because every sophisticated jogger should also¬†include¬†a fedora to look extra avant-garde. I hadn’t realized there were low and high brow joggers. I thought it was anyone’s game, open to all socio-economic classes. Isn’t that part of the beauty of jogging? Well, not when it comes to these rockin’ pants.


The sophisticated jogger, also called the luxe jogger or the drapey pant has pockets, an elasticized waist – yay lunch – and ankle cuffs. It’s sporty and luxurious all in one. It generally comes in soft, drapey fabrics like crepe, silk, satin or jersey, but also looks great in coated leather. I bought my first pair about three years ago in a jersey fabric. They are the most comfortable pants, but for a few years I shied away from sprucing up the look with heels and relegated them to my “sick pants.” Sick indeed. I love them now.

Pair the luxe jogger with a drapey blazer, a loose crop top (if you have age on your side {that would be of the young kind} and the abs to pull it off. Otherwise, layer with a fitted cami under the crop top), accessorize to the max and heels, heels, heels is the key to elevating this look. Try stilettos or a strong bootie, but it also looks great with a shiny chelsea boot or high top street sneaker. Select one that is more glam.

Babaton Harvey Pant at Aritzia ($145)



  1. I like these!!!

  2. Oh I am ahead of the game for once:-)) I have 2 pairs!!!! I think mine are the Aritzia ones you pictured here since I got them there. So comfy!

  3. I had my eye on a pair of leopard joggers just this a.m. at Winners! Done up or done down, they’re a must-do!

  4. Wearing my sophisto joggers for the first time today and I must say that I’m pretty darn comfy. I’ve tried them with both the sandal heel and the bootie, I liked both options. Thanks for the inspiration!

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