The Must Have Shoes for Summer 2017


Calling all ladies (and gentleman) with a shoe fetish. This season’s footware is full of fabulous finds. And the best news of all is the designers have taken pity on our hardest working body parts by offering some more comfortable options. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s like walking on cloud because there’s a store for that, but there’s definitely a softer approach to some of the more torturous options we’ve been exposed to in the past. So if you are looking to up your shoe game, here’s what’s in store for summer 2017.


These are no Maloof’s hoofs. Nor do they have any real link to the hybrid donkey. Rather, mules are akin to backless shoes. Over the last couple of years, designers like Gucci and Marni re-introduced mules into the mainstream. This year, you’ll find versions in every shop around town. Mules can be flats or heel form, but the key is they slide on your feet. Easy peasy. They are best worn barefoot and perfect for the season with just the right amount of summer stick ensuring they won’t come off your foot and fly clear across the street. Four! Come fall and sock weather, this little number gets a tad more challenging to keep on. Mules look great with most anything, but I particularly like it when it’s offset by a little ankle grazing pant like a fringe jean.

Faux-fur Flip Flops

I must admit that I was a tad baffled when this slipper style shoe was first introduced to the mainstream a year ago by sportswear giants like Nike and PUMA, and worn by fashion risk-taker, Rihanna. With its plastic base and faux-fur top, this clearly was not your typical gym shower shoe, yet perfect for the poshest of spas, and now for your everyday woman hitting the streets. Then I tried on a pair and all confusion went to the wayside. The angels sang down from Heaven. My pigs were enveloped in the most perfect blankets – plush, soft, pillow-y puffs of pampering cushiness. And I was sold from that moment on. Even if you don’t want to wear this great streetwear fashion around town – though I recommend you do, just not on a rainy day or the plush will turn to mush – why not pick yourself up a pair and wear it as the best house slipper ever.

Kitten Heels

Some people are irked by this nonsensical heel and feel like you should either commit to a heel or not. 1″ does not a heel make . . . or does it? MEOW! Well I beg to differ. The kitten heel is the cat’s ass, if you ask me. It’s perfect for tall ladies like me who want to have a little sexier shoe, but not have every other man say to you “Whoa, you’re tall.” They are more polished than a flat, and for those with arch issues, your dogs won’t be barking come bedtime with that middle of the night foot cramp. And you thought you could stuff me in a 4″ heel without any consequences. Think again my friend, think again! Gotcha!

 Block Heels

The block heel is the hottest ticket in town this summer season. I have to admit the laws of physics escape me as I can’t figure out how 100+ el bees of weight can balance on a couple of pencils without a clear and present snap, but somehow those in the know have got it figured out. Thank you science for knowing the ins and outs of the stiletto breaking point. The chunky, block heel takes science out of the equation and nobody is left wondering the hows and whys. The lower block heel (1 1/2″ to 2″) is very avant-garde at the moment, but don’t discount a good 4″ block heel for those who appreciate a good calf and butt lift.


We talked about metallics in an earlier post and this trend has not been lost on shoes as well. Silver, gold, bronze, copper or rose-gold are feeling hot, hot, hot this summer. This year you’ll find every style of shoe that tickles your fancy in metallics, from the most stylish of mules, to faux-fur flip flops to party shoes.


Tropical prints may be the motif of the moment, but any print is on point this summer season, be it on your torso or on your tootsies.



Tassel details are red-hot in fashion and it’s no surprise that they are also adorning your shoes. They are on the front, back, around the strap, toe tassels or as dangling fringe strips. If you see tassels, you know you’ve landed in 2017 . . . or 1977, either way it’s one groovy look.

So there you have it. These are the top shoe trends to latch onto this summer season. Time to shop! When is it not?

Carolyn Bissett