Supersize My Wardrobe


I’m fresh off of my holidays to Mexico and indulged in a few too many tacos and tequila meals, followed immediately after by a Korean Thanksgiving dinner (Chuseok) and two back-to-back carb-laden turkey dinners. For me, this season’s oversized (OS) fashion trend couldn’t come at a more opportune time.

os-belt os-blouse-2

The oversized style is huge this fall. Oversized everything is topping the style charts and I’m talking the bigger the badder. Take note that oversized no longer means your pair of baggy boyfriend jeans. No ma’am. I’m talking full-on 3 sizes too big for you kind of bag where you could hide a litter of Corgi pups under your coat and no one would be any the wiser, outside of the yipping. Hmmm, I may have just figured out how I can smuggle in that office dog that I’ve been pining for in my no dogs allowed building – what kind of a dumb rule is that anyway? Someone please take away their power. And thank you oversized fashion trend for solving this problem.


Everything big just got bigger, but buyer beware because this look is not always the most flattering. You’ll find everything from giant wide-legged pants to supersized coats that I may or may not have seen Jenny and Jeff hiding in, to extra loose-y goose-y blouses. The only thing that isn’t OS this season are the shoes. Thank Heaven for small wonders because the look is Bozo enough. We don’t, and I repeat, “we don’t” need clown feet.


This style is not going to be for most people outside of the comfort seekers who are doing a little happy dance right now and saying, “finally fitted nothing,” and for those who don’t want to be defined by a number stitched inside their garments because in this case one size fits all, y’all.

Here’s why it’s a toughie

If you are petite this look may be cute on you, but you will also look a bit like you are 6 and playing dress-up in mom’s closet. If you are anything more than a Hollywood 0, you run the risk of looking sloppy. But if you are still interested in pumping up the volume, here’s my two OS cents worth on how to make it work.

How to Wear the Oversized Trend?


If you love the gi-normously wide legged pants, try offsetting the balance.  Pair it with this season’s must-have item, the fine merino wool knit turtleneck sweater or a delicate silk blouse. Add pointy-toed shoes or booties.



If you love the look of the OS boyfriend coat, work the proportions by pairing it with faux leather or suede leggings, skinny jeans or cigarillo pants.  Take it to the streets with a baseball or Greek fisherman style cap or wide brimmed felt hat to up your street chic cred.


Leave the coat open so that viewers can see your shape beneath.


If you’ve fallen for the OS blouse, pick one up in a sheer fabric like silk, chiffon or something that is a bit see-through to lighten the look and shows off a hint of your shape underneath.  Another trick is a mini tuck to create some semblance of shape.


Skin is in

Baring a little skin is another trick up your partial sleeve that helps to create balance so consider styles like off-the-shoulder or the cold shoulder OS. Or pair OS sweaters with a mini skirt and show us your lovely gams.




Layer your sweater over skinny pants or take an OS cardigan or vest over this season’s boho style dress.



Belt It

Take an OS chunky sweater and add a belt to create a nip and tuck effect. os-belted



One Per Person, Please

One piece of OS clothing per outfit is the general rule of thumb when playing with this trend. Now I’ve seen some style masters do mean things with top-to-toe OS, but it’s one toughie to pull off so let’s aim to make our lives easier.



If you do want to go H2T, then try the half tuck to create a bit of shape and/or balance. Tuck a bit of the front or side of your top into your pants



You can always add structure to the OS look by adding a jean jacket or moto style jacket over top. It is also a great way of marrying a couple of looks together – boho gal meets rocker chick.



Be What You Are Meant to Be

Ensure that the clothes are in fact designed to be OS and that you haven’t just raided your beau’s closet. It’ll look sloppy otherwise and the term slop chic has not been coined for a reason . . . well until someone grabs it. #SlopChic ©.

So that’s my view on how to take this look and make it work for your body, personality and style. That being said, I’m betting tacos to turkey that this look won’t last more than a nano second.

Carolyn Bissett