Summer Essentials on Sale that are Worth the Splurge


There are a few things that I really dislike in fashion. One is the mom jean; two is acid wash; three is the diaper short; and the last dislike involves seeing heavy textiles in fashion magazines when we are smack dab in the heart of our long awaited, well deserved summer.

If you live anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line, please give us a break because the season is way too short. We don’t want to see fall fashion just yet. Honestly. The only thing I dislike more than seeing tweed in a magazine in July, is seeing a wool cable knit sweater in the June issue. I’m all-in by late August, but I would like to enjoy the heat wave just for a sec. August 20 is the date that I’ve established when I welcome pre-fall fashion into the stores and magazines.

It feels good to be in tangerine, pastel hues, open-toed sandals with a fresh pedicure, linen anything, soft florals, and all that rings summer. Can we just embrace it for one more month? That would be a firm “NO,” from Vogue’s Anna Wintour (what’s in a name) because the August issues are out showing deep hues, boots and chunky knits, and the jumbo sized September issue is hot on its heels, ready to hit the stands in another week or two. Brace yourself.

Instead, let’s talk about summer essentials and the opportunity to invest in some really great pieces that are now on sale at a fraction of the full price.  Sweet.

What is the foundation of your summer wardrobe that is worth the splurge? Start by thinking in terms of well-made garments that you will wear again and again because that is worth its weight in gold.

The Pencil Skirt

You can never go wrong with a pencil skirt that hugs your curves, or lack thereof, like a glove. We praise the pencil skirt for a reason. It works on every body type, shape and size. Don’t hesitate to invest in a neutral colour pencil skirt that is on sale. Equally so, a summer pencil skirt in a light fabric or trendy print will never look trendy because of its classic cut.

summer essentials_pencil skirt

summer essentials_pencil skirt 2

The Structured Bag

The structured handbag works with virtually every outfit in your closet. It looks great paired with your going to the office look and equally so going to brunch in a pretty dress, to running to the grocery store in shorts (not the diaper kind) and a delicate blouse with chunky heels. Why not grab a structured bag in one of the hot pastel hues of the season like pink or pale blue or in a gorgeous floral. These shades and prints should be on sale now.

summer essentials structured bag

summer essentials_structured bag_casual

The Power Dress

This is great time of year to pick up that timeless power dress that will be in style for years to come. Splurge on one that is a little more expensive because it means that it’ll be lined, or if it’s in stretch, the fabric will bounce back to its original shape and not take on your sitting one. You may not be able to be picky when it comes to colour or print, but do go out shopping with an open mind and try one on. Look towards great power dresses like Ted Baker, Kate Spade or Pink Tartan available now at deep discount. Trust me, you will feel like you own the world in this hot little corporate number.

summer essentials_power dress

summer essentials_power dress 2

Classic Pumps

This is the time of year to pick up a great pair of classic pumps. Look to splurge on ones that may have been a bit too pricey before, but are now at 50 to 70% off the original ticket price. Halt! Don’t make the mistake of straying over to the next size on the discount rack. They will for sure pinch and you will end up donating them to some lucky friend who is a foot size smaller than you. But if you do get ones that fit and feel comfortable, you will never make a mistake on this timeless investment piece.

summer essentials_classic pumps

summer essentials_classic pumps_leopard


Have you been eyeballing a new pair of shades? Some brands never go on sale because they simply don’t have to, but there are lots of great options out there that will go on sale. Now is the time to pick yourself up a coveted pair. We all have a pair that are best suited to our face shape and colouring, but part of the success to wearing shades is wearing them with confidence. If you love wearing them, it’ll show. And discount or not, we wear sunglasses every day so the cost per wear is pennies a day.

summer essentials_shades

What should you let go?

As much as I love the off-the-shoulder blouse and dress, can we all agree that it’s a toughie to wear? First off, you are forced into a strapless bra (nobody’s favourite), and is it just me or is the elasticized neckline hanging on precariously to your shoulders by a hope and a prayer, ready to give way and snap up to my neck if I dare lift my arms a fraction of an inch. Guess who won’t be waving their hands in the air like she don’t care. I will sit stick straight on a bar stool, ever so slowly sipping my cocktail out of a tiny straw, and limiting my every movement. Wearing this style is a form of slow torture . . .  or a test to Miss Manner’s chapter on etiquette and great posture. But it really is pretty, no?

summer essentials_OTS 2

summer essentials_OTS

On the other hand, I do believe the cold shoulder top will hang on for another season or two. Pretty much everyone likes their shoulders. Have you ever heard anyone say “if only it weren’t for these wretched shoulders?” What is the cold shoulder top, you ask? It is a blouse or dress with shoulder cutouts. This top has all the sex appeal of the off-the-shoulder, but allows for a regular bra (ya!) with straps and much more freedom of movement. I wasn’t initially a fan, but I must admit that I’m warming to the cold shoulder.

summer essentials_cold shoulder

summer essentials_cold shoulder 2

You may not want to wait for a rainy day to grab something great. While it may be the dog days of summer, these kind of sales move fast at deep discount. And before you know it, they will be gone. Go out and get yourself a deal.

Carolyn Bissett