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This shirt really speaks to me. And to you. And to everyone that comes into contact with it. Say hello to the statement shirt and I can assure you that it will say something back – like Bonjour, Merci, Darling, Epic or Très Chic! I love the statement top, especially when the sayings are in French. Somehow it comes across as more sophisticated than when the sayings are in English, but English is fine too, especially if you want to be certain what you are communicating to your shirt readers. There’s nothing worse than a statement shirt gaffe. Yeesh!

How to Wear Statement Shirts?

The statement shirt is adorable and effortless and so much more street style chic than your gym sweatshirt. There’s not much to say about how to wear it other than make sure you are saying what you want. I encourage the sayings to be nice rather than pompous like I’m Prada You’re Nada, Homies or Girl Gang. We’ve all seen a few that had a bit too much hood than what attaches to the back of it. Actually, a hood(ie) doesn’t belong on the statement sweatshirt. Let’s leave that to the more traditional gym or camping sweatshirt. I like them best when they are worn ladylike. They are meant to be worn with leather leggings, a pencil, skater or full midi skirt, a silk blouse underneath with the collar out, a blazer over top, stilettos or booties, or adorn it with a statement necklace to add oomph to the statement on the shirt – like “riche” or “haute” or “Ka-Pow!” You can also wear it with a crisp little shirt underneath it with boyfriend jeans, maybe a leather moto jacket and colourful stiletto heels, or with the new higher waisted, let’s hide our muffin top denim, for a fun weekend look. Don’t be afraid to try tucking it in.

And while I’m at it, I also love the jewel encrusted sweatshirts too. It gives them such flair with 20 or 30 brooches adorned on this comfy yet elegant top. I also love what J.Crew is doing this season with the pleated blouse peering out from the bottom of the top. It turns the most comfortable of sweatshirts into something office appropriate when paired with a pair of slim dress pants or a slouchy sophisticated jogger and high heels. Who secretly (or not so secretly) wants to wear their sweats to the office? The brilliant minds at Ann Taylor Loft, J. Crew, Forever 21, and designers abound have figured out a way to give us everything we wanted and more and demonstrated how to wear it.

Statement shirts don’t always have to be in the way of a message. There are so many cute animal tops that have an owl, dog, fox or a gargoyle on them. All can be paired as discussed above.

statement-sweaters Statement sweater_Nikki Hilton
So pick your poison with the statement top – sayings, embellishments, animals or pop art. I assure you that it will be a conversation starter.


Carolyn Bissett


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