Getting Ruffled for Spring 2016


Oh my word, Lady Bird, but has spring finally sprung? I see the woodland critters are coming out of hibernation, my Siamese cat is back to waking up at pre-dawn to say “rise and shine it’s kitty fritter time,” and the avian species are returning home to chirp about warmer days.

ruffled sleeves

I’ve got my own feathers in a ruffle this spring with this new Spanish influence (not to be confused with Spanish Influenza) of dainty, ruffle-y details available to frill seekers everywhere.
ruffled sweater
 Spring 2016 is most definitely the girliest of seasons that we’ve seen in a while. Florals and flounce are in abundance . . . what more could a girlie girl ask for?
ruffled tiered skirt
Spanish influences are one of the top trends for spring 2016. From the “sparsist” of ripples to the “ruchiest” of folds, spring shows elements of ruffled everything. Look around and you will find ruffled tops, billow-y sleeves, off-the-shoulder blouses, one-shoulder ruffled tops, pirate shirts, peplum tops, ruffled bell sleeves, dresses, gowns, prairie tops, ruffled pleats, side ruching, ruffled hems to full-on ruffled tiers – hello Spanish signorita.
ruffled skirt
ruffled skirt suit
The fabrics are soft allowing the ruffles to shape themselves, but amaze of all amazes, the genius designers have equally managed to create ruffles where they have never gone before – not space, the final frontier, but rather on leather and fringe features to create the effect. Could it be magic? Gravity? No, it’s brilliance with a needle and thread!
BalmainSpring 2016
Ruffles are elegant and romantic and make many a woman feel soft and pretty, but heed caution because you will need to find just the right ruffle to flatter your figure.

Need a boost?

Ruffles add volume so you want to make sure that they are strategically placed. Ruffles across the boozie is a timeless trick for the smaller chested girl, but stay away from this location if you are gifted in this area. Peplums or a ruffled hem on a skirt give a beautiful balance and create and hour glass shape, which is the perfect shape shifter for the athletic frame and slimming on the fuller figured gal.
ruffled blouse
 ruffles peplum

What direction are you going?

Consider the direction the ruffles are going to deceive the eye. Add or decrease width with a horizontal ruffle, and lengthen and slim with vertical. Diagonal is the win-win trick for all, unless you are a wee bit crooked.
 ruffled off the shoulder dress ruffled blazerruffled top


The look isn’t androgynous at all, but combining the masculine with feminine details together is a gorgeous way to balance the look. Take a ruffled blouse and pair it with tailored pants (or sailor pants) or a structured blazer.
ruffled blouse
ruffled blouse

Skirt the subject

Skirts are gorgeous with ruffles. Pencil skirts are God’s gift to women so pair a ruffled blouse with a pencil skirt for a MWAH! look. A tiered ruffle skirt can add just the right volume to the pin thin frame. Ruffles along the hem create balance to even out hips, bootie and/or shoulders with the addition of volume at the hemline. And a full skirt or A-line looks great with a bohemian ruffled top
ruffled hem

No need to accessorize, really

Ruffles really are the accessory. Keep the rest to a minimum unless the ruffle is barely a hint of, in which case go to town.
ruffled off the shoulder blouse


Balance is key because ruffles can add volume. Consider pairing slim or linear silhouettes with the look. It’s not necessary and I’ve seen stylists create fabulocity with unusual balance concepts, but for the everyday girl, balance is the easier way to take it to success.
ruffled blouse hem
ruffled top
This look is anything but no frills. It’s romantic, pretty, dainty and a wee bit bold. So what do you say. Are you ready to bring on a bit of fussy-frilly femininity? I say go for it.

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