The Rainbow Connection to Fashion


Some day you’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers (or is that beavers? I’m not saying that because it’s the national animal. I only suggest this because the song was sung from a frog in a swamp. I should really Google the lyrics), and me.

rainbow skirt

Rainbow shorts

Along with the adorably famous frog, rainbows bring up connotations of the Divine Miss Brite, Oz – or some place where there isn’t any trouble, Pride, Skittles where you can actually taste the rainbow (who knew?), leprechauns with a pot of gold and hopefully a bowlful of magically delicious cereal to nibble on while you sift through the pot, and of course the beautiful bridge. The expression it’s all rainbows and unicorns refers to a state of perpetual bliss, albeit different from you’re no unicorn pooping rainbows, which means you’re full of it . . . but maybe we won’t go there since this post is supposed to take us to a happy place, or at least a fashionable one.

rainbow dress chloe

There’s something about rainbows that is captivating with its promise of riches, hopes and dreams of a better place. Its beauty brings out the best in people. When you see one, it makes you take pause. There’s purity and happiness in rainbows, and if you are lucky enough to see a double then all the better. Triple, oh don’t get me started. Quadruple . . . well I’m about to freak out. So why wouldn’t fashion dabble in this wonderment with all its glorious spectrum of colours? I cannot think of a single reason. Well, maybe one or two.
rainbow blouse
rainbow dress
I will freely admit that it can be a little scary for the average dresser to introduce more than three colours into an outfit at a time. Two colours really is the comfort zone for most, and many prefer to do a single colour popped against a neutral backdrop. I get it. It’s daunting. So how do you take 7 happy shades without running the risk of looking like a Montessori School of Design and Fashion Institute drop-out? My suggestion is to let the designers do it for you.
rainbow coat
 rainbow jumper
Don’t try and dabble with a pink blouse, yellow pants, orange shoes, green bracelet, blue handbag and a purple horseshoe necklace (notice I used the Lucky Charms order to remember all the colours in a rainbow, though one seems to be missing. Probably had to do with the #40 red dye colour fiasco of the 80s. That or there are only so many shapes even the most creative types can come up with). This amount of colour on your own is a toughie to pull off without the public opting to take a walk on the far side of the sidewalk. So let’s leave it to the experts, shall we, because they really do know best.
rainbow Gucci
Rainbows have even made their way into hair colour with the new semi-popular mermaid hair trend. Not sure how I feel about this look  even though I always secretly wanted to be a Sea Wee. Maybe I’ll just get a tail for the pool or crochet me a blanket. It’s a bit whackadoodie. Your hair better be pretty darn perfect to pull this one off. I can see it going really bad, very quickly with anything less than just stepped out of the salon hair. Best case scenario is you’ll look like an upside beach drink. Worst case is it’ll turn into swamp water. Bringing us back to Kermit in the swamp singing about rainbows.
rainbow hair
mermaid tail blanket
So what do you say? Make it rain.