Maximize with the Mid Rise


I was under the assumption that the Muffin Man lived on Drury Lane, but as it turns out he actually resides just above the waist of a lot of women’s low rider jeans. The length has come up a lot since the turn of the millenium’s 3″-6″ Danger Bay rise. Thank goodness those days are behind us because that look was just not classy. I had one too many whale tail sightings for my liking. Though I may admit to having worn a pair back in the day, but I dare you to find a photo of me in them.

The high waisted jean has been trying to creep into the fashion scene for the past few years, but we can thank the good folks at US magazine for nixing that look before it ever got legs – remember the dreaded Jessica Simpson high-waisted jeans debacle? In all honesty, it was more of a problem that the high-waist and double belt acted as a shelf for her bust. Big busted beauties beware. Run, actually. It is simply not a good look for anyone with cleavage, but I don’t exactly like it on anyone. I am so relieved that women are rejecting this rise outright.


Mid Rise Skinny Jeans - Dark vintageThe mid rise (approx. 8.5″ rise), however, is like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. It sits not too low, not too high, but just right. It holds the stomach in nice and smooth, no need for Spanx, it doesn’t cut you at a weird point, works on every height, shape, body type. chest size and hip size. The current interpretation is spot on perfection. Ladies, take note and try on the perfect jeans for your shape in a mid rise. Pick yourself up a pair of skinnies, slim, cigarette, bootcut, straight, boyfriend, distressed, waxed, moto or flare. You won’t regret selecting the mid rise. The 2014 version is definitely not your mom jeans of the 90s.


  • select denim with no more than 2% spandex (1% is even better), otherwise it will stretch throughout the day.
  • dark wash or black is the most versatile, though I do love a good grey jean
  • select jeans that are free of adornments, embroidery, sparkle or bling at the hips and pockets. This draws attention to the problem areas.
  • pockets should sit at your bum, not below and not above. And pockets size should be relative to your booty size – too small and it looks odd, too large and it doesn’t work.
  • try, try, try. Take your time and try on all different cuts, washes, lengths and styles to find your perfect cut. It’s worth going to a specialty jeans store like Over the Rainbow in Toronto or Jeans, Jeans, Jeans in Montreal and spending some time with the salesperson to help you find your best fit.
  • a wide leg can make you look wider and shorter if you are petite
  • balance a large chest and midsection with a bootcut
  • know your inseam length
  • avoid waist gape
  • don’t get hung up on size. Size varies from brand to brand and cut to cut. We’ve all fallen victim to vanity sizing, but come on . . . okay, I love it.


You can’t wear skinnies if you are pear shape or larger on the bottom. This is not true. You can, just think in terms of balance. Wear a dark wash and try and balance the top with lighter colours, perhaps some flounce around the bust line, and high heels to elongate.  A tunic is also a great way to pair for the pear. Monochromatic works well for the apple shape.



  1. I am loving the higher rises!!!! Creates a much nicer silhouette that is flattering…no need for those Spanx too! Plus I can bend over safely:-)))) I have the J.Brand, Citizens and a great Topshop pair!

  2. Love the blog post. Ok, I’m still a little scared of the mid-rise…There’s usually a bit of a gap when I bend over to pick things up and I’m worried about having a plumber butt. Love the tip about spandex though! I always wondered why my pants from RW&Co were so “big” at the end of the day and I always just figured that my lunch session at the gym was just uber productive. #DreamKiller

    Here’s a question that I have for you…any tips for shoes/boots with bootcut pants? I felt like these had gone out of style for a bit but I’m seeing them more and more and I’m scared to commit again…#Help!

    • The bootcut is definitely back. It took a pause last year and the year before in favour of skinny jeans and pants that were seen everywhere, but the bottom line is the bootcut looks good on a lot of people. So welcome back bootcut. They are best worn with a pointy toe shoe – flat, pump or heel are all good. The eye keeps going and it balances out the look.

      As for the gap, you may require a taylor to nip this section in and fit you like a glove, my narrow waisted amiga.

  3. Hurray for the high-rise!! So glad they are back, I was never comfortable wearing low rise anything! They are definitely more flattering than those muffin tops.

  4. Great post – I love how you’re including tips for all shapes and sizes! Thanks and keep being awesome!

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