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Pajamas for day, what do you say? I do hear a chunk of the population excitedly squealing horray. Who doesn’t want to jump out of their PJs and right back into another pair to run around in all day, especially when they are not only comfy, but elegant too. Sleepless in Seattle? It doesn’t matter ’cause we’ve got the look.

Sleepwear is making its way into the shops, magazines and onto the streets as the designers have been pushing the pajamas as daywear trend for the past few years. Finally, it’s catching on. I’m not referring to cozy flannels seen on students, making their way to class, in a range of cartoon-y images, cutesy animals (real or mythical), plaids, stars, stripes and planets, but rather a much more delicate look of silky, drape-y fabrics in sophisticated black or white, exotic prints, soft or bold colours, intended to wear as outerwear.


PJ fashion

The look is reminiscent of the Playboy Mansion. Not so much the Bunnies’ naughty nighties, but more closely tied to Heff’s silky numbers. They are made from fine, delicate fabric, unstructured and drape-y, gently gliding over the hips and thighs, constraining nothing. The cut and fabric is comfort, the look is pure elegance. However, I do predict that it may take a couple more seasons for the mainstream to adjust to this out there trend.

Pajama fashion

If it helps you process this trend, it is only a degree or two of separation from the kimono and palazzo pant. It also has a bit of a 70s vibe. So why do these others seem much more wearable? Let’s talk a bit about how one can incorporate it into your look and not teeter on what can easily become a bit ridiculous.

Pyjama fashion

How to wear the pajama trend?

Footware is essential. You don’t want to wear anything that appears too much like you are about to get your morning coffee and read the paper. Let’s just say that bunny slippers are out. So too are Uggs boots and maribou heels. Try strappy sandals with a delicate heel. If flats are more your thing, you may want to try a Moroccan style shoe, Geisha slipper or espadrille. Platform or flatform sandals also work well.

pajama fashion

Polished hair is a must. Avoid the messy bun when you are doing this look. It’s way too close to the night-y night look. You want your hair done, no questions asked (really, they won’t if you look polished in your PJs). Options include sleek and polished, bouncy or curled, but styled is key. So too is fully made up. You can have the California no make-up, but actually fully made-up look, or bold red lips, but completely au naturel is out.

To the unconverted, is it starting to appeal yet?


If you are interested in trying the look, but a bit shy to try the pant and top look together, try separating the two. The blouse is the easier of the two pieces to pull off. You can wear it just as you would with any blouse, tucked in to a pencil skirt, with jeans, with leather, leggings, fringe additions, the options are endless.

For a more basic take on the look, try and oversize menswear inspired shirt, one that looks like you grabbed your man’s shirt the morning after. It should hit long, around mid-thigh, and I do love options like the baby blue and white stripes as seen on H&M’s version below.

PJ Top


The blazer look is another simple way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. There are long smoking jackets that look great over a simple white t-shirt and pants, and soft toned printed blazers gorgeous with the palest of pale blue jeans-boyfriend, bootcut or skinnies, frayed, distressed or fully intact, the options go on. Push the sleeves up and pile on the arm candy to take the early morning out of the look.

PJ kimono jacket


If you want to wear the bottoms alone and are just trying out the look for the first time, aim to get it in a solid black silk or maybe an interesting print and pair it with a crepe jacket or waterfall blazer, sleeveless blouse in soft fabric and strappy sandals for an evening look or a loose t-shirt for a daytime version. It’s simple, chic elegance.





Pajama shorts that look a bit like a silk boxer are right on trend. Pair it with a basic t-shirt or tank top, structured blouse or crisp shirt for those dog days of summer.

PJ blazer H&M

Top-to-toe two piece

For the fashion risk takers, I am proud because it’s a daring look to pull off. I don’t have to give you any advice because if you are going to do t2t pajamas as daywear look, you already know what you are doing. My only two cents, pair it with a more delicate bag like the mini bag or a clutch. It’ll work well with this look.

pyjama fashion 3

PJ Sonia Rykiel

Congratulations, you have graduated Pajamas as Daywear 101. Now you can relax and grab yourself a glass of port with the most comfortably chic outfit to do it in.

Carolyn Bissett




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