Overall, it’s a no


I love overalls. They look so cute on . . . a 2 year old, all toddling around in their micro sized OshKosh B’gosh’s. The only thing cuter are babies in leopard print leggings or a varsity jacket. Give me a “C!” Cuuuuute! It’s a difficult look to pull off once you pass the ripe old age of 5, so rock it while you got it ’cause time is a tickin’. I get it. They are comfy, they are loose, you don’t have to worry about much in your overalls, well not until you need to go to the loo that is. It takes a very good friend to hold up your straps, if you know what I’m saying. Overall, I’m sitting this one out.


Let’s not confuse overalls with the jumpsuit (or romper). Jumpsuits are sexy, elegant, sophisticated, and how awesome that it’s an all-in-one. You can dress it up for a night on the town or dress it down and wear it to the office by pairing it up with a cardigan or blazer. Jumpsuits are best cinched at the waist with heels. Sorry, but the loo factor still stands. There’s no getting around it, but so worth the effort when you look that good. Overalls can be a bit Farmer in the Dell dowdy, but jumpsuits are hello J.Lo., red smokin’ hot.

That being said, for those of you that do love overalls, here’s how to do it best. Showing skin is key. In the summer months, you may prefer to wear it with a tank, fitted tee or crop top underneath (reminder: the crop is for the young and not the young at heart), roll the cuffs and show some ankle. Wear it with a ballerina flat or pump for a more feminine vibe. If it’s a bit cooler out, try a sheer shirt underneath to give the illusion of skin, roll the cuffs and rock it with a rocker boot. I also prefer a more fitted overall to the looser version because it gives you more shape. Who wants to be without shape?  Remember that there is a fine line of taking it from the farm to fashion.black-halo-dusk-jumpsuit

While we are at it, can we talk about the boiler suit? I’ve seen a number of them in a soft denim fabric this season. It’s kind of cute, actually. Cinching it in at the waist is important to pull off this look and avoid looking too utilitarian, like you work in a garage or are about to go skydiving . . . or worse, a prison inmate. Do not select orange, puh-lease. Same rules apply as the overall, which is to show some skin by unbuttoning it, rolling up the cuff, and glam up the look with some strong makeup, a clutch and a stiletto.


And these are the guidelines for working the onesie!



  1. It’s a No for me too! Although I do love the jumpsuits!!! I have 2 !!

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