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Famous Oscars

  1. Oscar de la Renta – who better to kick it off than the most famous Oscar who is actually associated with the Oscars. Many of his gowns have been featured at the Academy Awards for more than 60 years. This man knew how to dress a woman so that she looked exquisite. Over the years, he dressed Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Wilde, Charlize Theron, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Vargara, Nathalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyong’o, just to name a few. I hope his legacy will live on in Peter Coppings collection for the House.
  2. Oscar De La Hoya – another three part last name associated with an Oscar. Boxer nicknamed The Golden Boy. Is he really THE Golden Boy because I think this nickname better fits the statuette.
  3. Oscar Peterson – Canadian jazz pianist and composer.
  4. Oscar Pistorius – the Blade Runner and better known for the culpable homicide of his girlfriend. Booooo! Not worthy of such a grand name.
  5. Oscar “the Finer Things” Nunez – you may think you don’t know this name, but you do. This is Oscar from The Office.
  6. Oscar Wilde – author, writer and poet.
  7. Oscar the Grouch (or is it Thegrouch {Theg-rock}. A cantankerous little green fellow who lives in a trash can on Sesame Street. I’d be ornery too if I lived with rubbish.
  8. Oscar Meyer – my bologna has a first name.
  9. Oscar “the statuette” (a.k.a. The real golden boy) – the Grand Poobah of all awards given out to Hollywood’s most talented in the motion picture industry. Shows himself in 13 1/2″ of golden, muscle toned glory.  If  you’ve won an Oscar statuette you’ve hit the top of your game. Also rumoured to be a curse associated with winning. It has been said that many who have won an Oscar have gone on to do a series of dud films and/or never to win again when their careers took a turn for the worst. Also said that there is a love curse for women who win Best Actress in that they have fallen victim to a cheating boyfriend/husband or divorce soon after.

So let’s be honest. There aren’t a lot of Oscars that come top of mind. I maxed out at nine and had to cheat a bit because at first I could only think of three. It clearly has not been popular in the baby name book other than for pets. It’s not as rare as Oprah or Jamiroquai, but it sure isn’t a Nicholas, Liam or Olivia. I’m thinking because people associate it with a grouchy old man (or a grouchy little green monster). That being said, maybe it’s time to bring it up the list. You could get in on being one of the baby Oscar trailblazers. It’s already made it to the #3 spot in Sweden. Sweet. And if  you aren’t feeling it, than how about Eddie?

Oh my stars, 2015 contained a slew of best dressed women on the Oscars red carpet. There were so many great looks that I hardly knew which ones to identify as my favourites. To the contrary, there weren’t many that I truly classified in the dud category. Riddle me this, what was the message the designers wanted to send down the red carpet? Themes of the night included a multitude of shades of white. Everything from the snowiest of pure whites, to dirty white, ivory, cream and champagne tones. Black and white in combination showed its presence too. So too did tone-on-tone texture, from rosettes, lace, pearls, beading and subtle prints. Necklines contained everything from the curved half moon and strapless gowns, to the sweetest of sweethearts, to Dakota Johnson’s BDSM take on the sweetheart neckline with its pointier edges. Sleeves were long, short or absent altogether.


The 2015 Oscar Gown Showstoppers

The Oscar 2015 best dressed celebrities on the red carpet for the night include:

Rosamund Pike – I’m always a little on the fence about the idea of wearing a red dress on the red carpet because it takes on too much of a chameleon effect. That being said, red is the most alluring of all colours, and if you are Rosamund Pike and a dress looks that good on you, well I say go for it and never look back.  She looked stunning in her Givenchy strapless, floor length, rosette embroidered gown that was belted at the waist.


Sienna Miller – one of my style icons, she once again prevailed in her midsummer night blue-black Oscar de la Renta gown. It was not a typical Oscar gown (the awards or de la Renta), but it worked so well on her with its simple body skimming shape that ever so slightly flared out as the fabric changed from a textured loopy lace to a more traditionally identifiable lace bottom. The velvet banding and bow were a fashion risk, but on her was one worth taking.


Margot Robbie – The more I looked at this dress the more I loved the delicate, flowing black Saint Laurent gown that tied at the waist. It was very reminiscent of the 70s with it’s sheer long sleeves and plunging neckline, but the pièce de résistance was truly the necklace that she wore with gown with its blue beaded tassel.

margot-robbie-oscars.ls.22215 (1)

Behati Prinsloo – I absolutely loved this seemingly two piece Armani couture strapless, red and black beaded gown. The red took prominence in the top portion and the black stood out more on the skirt with the addition of a black mesh overlay. The beaded necklace was an unexpected, but spot on addition. It contrasted with the look of the dress, but it worked.


Emma Stone – I am not in the least bit surprised that Emma Stone knocks it out of the park once again in this gorgeous celadon green Elie Saab gown. The long sleeves, while a risk to wear on such a young star, worked beautifully on her. She looks old Hollywood perfection.


Marion Cotillard – she looked magnificent in this very unusual Christian Dior column gown with its white-on-white cut out dot dress. The back came into a bustle with a black band. It was not typical in any way, but it was true couture. Love it or hate it (and I guarantee it will end up on both lists), she was a vision. She turned a head or 40 million.


Jennifer Lopez – La Lopez you redeemed yourself from your Golden Globe too high, too low gown. The Elie Saab tulle, full to-the-floor, embellished beaded gown with plunging neckline, in the sun kissed bronze colour that matched her hair and skin was perfection. It was elegant and absolutely perfect for the Oscars. She could have been Oscar’s date. If they plan to make an Oscarette, may I suggest this as the model? The dress was so good, I only wish she had been a nominee in a category to better showcase it.

Jennifer Lopez

Reese Witherspoon – she sure cleans up well from her wild adventures. This Tom Ford white off the shoulder gown with black band neckline and waistband was one of my favourite looks of the night.


Julianne Moore – another black and white stunner. The Best Actress nominee took home both the award as well as my award for one of the best dressed of the night in this gorgeous custom designed Chanel sequin and beaded gown. I loved how it was banded by black centred rosettes across the top, hips and a double band at the bottom.


The Oscar Gowns Worst Dressed List

Nicole Kidman – I didn’t think it was possible that Nicole Kidman could end up on a worst dressed list, but this dress was a flop. The colour reminded me of the tone that paillettes take on – kind of a soft yellow and white, but with hints of baby pink and baby blue that show up if the light hits at just the right angle. The colour and shape wasn’t great on her, but it was the tomato soup red band around the waist that made the look take a turn for the worse. I also found the shoes were a little too Dancing with the Stars, and the miniature hope chest purse was an odd combination with it.

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Lady Gaga – no surprise that I didn’t like the look. The Azzedine Alaia dress was actually gorgeous, but the red leather butcher’s gloves . . . . well, I wouldn’t expect anything less from the lady who wore the meat dress. How do  you think it was chopped to begin with? Let’s let the Lady get some mileage out of her pieces.


Chrissy Tiegan – The colour was incredible, the fabric was beautiful, the belt made just the right statement, the shoes and purse were perfection, but honest to goodness I was so afraid I was going to see something I could never forget. For that I give her a spot on this list.


On the Fence Oscar Dresses

Lupita Nyong’o – once again I’ve put this lady into my on the fence category for her Calvin Klein gown. I love that she takes chances, and her petite frame carried off the layer upon layer of pearls that wound and braided and banded itself around her dress. I am leaning towards love it on her.


Felicity Jones – I loved this oh so unusual dove grey beaded Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen (as in Kate Middleton’s wedding gown designer). The half moon transitioning into a choker neckline was unexpected. The shape of the neckline was beautiful, the colour was gorgeous, the beading was out of this world, but the voluminous satin bottom somehow went wrong for me. Though I feel like if it was on a taller person it may have worked better – say Nicole Kidman. Tradesies? I did love it though. Apparently, months upon months of craftsmanship went into this gown. The beadwork is magnificent.

Felicity Jones

Kiera Knightly – did Angelina Joli’s kids have a  hand in designing this Valentino gown? I don’t know. I kind of hate it and I kind of love it. Once again, she looks stunning and she absolutely glows.


So that’s my take on the Oscars red carpet fashion for 2015 and these are my picks for most beautiful, stunning, wonderful, slightly off, and dead wrong. I’m sure you will agree with some of my picks and disagree with others. That’s the beauty of fashion. It is a true art form and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So that concludes the award shows for the winter 2015 season. Bring on spring.


Images from Vogue.com and People.com

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