Nars Chelsea Girls and Baby Doll Are Back


My favourite It girls are back. They went away for awhile, but it looks like they’re here to stay, and I confess that I couldn’t be happier. My girl Chelsea is one, and she brought with her bestie, Baby Doll. Nars Cosmetics, your superfans pleaded with you to bring Chelsea Girls and Baby Doll back, you heard our pleas, and you delivered. Mouah! XOXO!

Nars Chelsea Girls Lips

nars baby doll lips

Who is this girl that goes by the name of Chelsea? And while we are at it, someone seriously calls themselves Baby Doll? Sounds a bit like members of a 90s girl band, but it is not. Well Miss Chelsea and Sweet Baby Doll are not girls at all, but rather my all time favourite lip hues. Chelsea Girls is the perfect shade of beige-pink (or is that pink-beige) with the teeniest hint of peach. None of the three tones are predominant. It’s natural and goes well with pretty much every skin tone. Baby Doll is a beautiful shade of medium, warm pink with a hint of shimmer. For some random reason, the products and colours were kicked to the curb.

nars chelsea girls and baby doll

Chelsea Girls and Baby Doll

When Chelsea Girls was initially discontinued, I managed to get myself one last surplus pot of the lip lacquer and I used it sparingly, saving it for the days when I wanted to look and feel my absolute best. Wearing this shade guaranteed an instant confidence boost because it truly is that flattering. As I got down to the last of the lip brush scrapings, I started to panic and went around town to find equivalent versions of my favourite shade, and lets just say I couldn’t find anything that was quite right. I tried to see the good in every one, but no can do. They simply weren’t the same. I found one person who must have scored a few pots of the product and were reaping the benefits from die hard fans like me and selling it for $50 a pop, a pot. I was tempted, but couldn’t quite bring myself around to paying the black market prices for that sweet nude, no matter how great. That is highway robbery. I wrote the company three separate times asking for either an equivalent or to bring the product back, and let’s just say that I feel lucky because how often do we actually get a return of our favourite lip colour when it is discontinued? All this tells me that I was not alone in the come back campaign.

nars chelsea girls tube

nars baby doll tube

The new version has been revamped, and in my opinion, for the better. The former version came in a pot whereas the new version is available in an easier to apply tube, with a slightly lighter texture. The pot was nice, but awkward because it required one to carry around a lip brush when it came time to reapply. I also found the texture of the former lip lacquer to be inferior to the new, lighter version. The old formula would go on beautifully when you first applied, but I found it went a bit chalky when it came to reapplying later in the day. However, if texture is a more important feature for you than for me, the cosmetic experts at Nars Cosmetics suggest adding a layer of Buenos Aires Velvet Gloss jumbo lip pencil to give you a similar effect.

nars pot vs tube texture

Nars Chelsea Girls Pot


nars baby doll pot

Nars Cosmetics, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am. I ran myself over to Nordstrom the second I learned of its re-availability. You did a good thing, Nars. You done right by your loyal customers and superfans.

Carolyn Bissett