Mock Neck Trend 2016


Knock knock

Who’s there?

Mock neck

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Don’t knock the mock neck til you’ve tried it. Oh you have, have you? But that was back when Rob Bass really knew how to rock the microphone, the real voices behind Milli Vanilli were stuck behind the Iron Curtain as the record labels deemed them as having a face made for radio, and the Dougie was still years to be perfected, but you could do one mean Carlton.

mock neck

It’s been more than 20+ years and like all things in fashion, it’s time to bring back the mock neck. For those of you who have already done it, we are due to re-embrace the style. Heck, we probably need to cover up a little around the décolleté anyway so problem solved. Thank you mock neck. And for those born after 1989, say hello to a neckline you haven’t likely tried out yet.

mock neck

The neckline can initially seem a little awkward. It’s not a full on turtleneck, but for those who feel like they are being strangle in its higher necklined cousin, the mock neck gives you a similar effect with only a partial feel of strangulation. Excellent!

mock neck sleeveless

The mock neck can add sophistication to many a style because you are instantly more covered up. Take that short mini or short shorts and pair it with a mock neck and you suddenly look sweet and not trollopesque.

mock neck victoria dress

What works so well with the mock neck is that it acts like an anchor to many an outfit. It is great on its own but even better when it’s layered. It pairs nicely with many shapes.

A great way to see the mock is in its cropped form. But unless you are Gigi, Kendell or have earned your wings, lets leave this one to the Angels. Mind you, Kendell’s famous sisters, along with J.Lo and Nicki Minaj have shown that if you have great curves, the fine gauge knit mock crop top with a matching pencil skirt can look pretty amazeballs.  The key is the tiny and toned waist.

mock neck gigi

Another favourite way to wear it is as a mock neck sweater dress paired with thigh high or OTN boots. It’s an incredibly sexy look, but without appearing overtly sexy.

mock neck dress

mock dress

A-line and full skirts with a mock neck are a win-win combo any time of the year.

mock neck

Jeans are always a staple in everyone’s wardrobe and certainly my go-to after hours pick. Try the mock neck with the currently popular unfinished hemline, crop wider leg jean, distressed or boyfriend jeans.

mock neck

Mock neck

Can we just talk about her shoes for a minute. Love!

mock neck

It’s equally great with leggings, jeggings and leather leggings.

mock neck

The mock neck makes a great anchor to a big, bold scarf, draped long and almost to the floor, wrapped multi-times in a more classic way, done as a unity or blanket style and belted.

Throw a vest over top like the sleeveless jacket, a floor length vest, shearling, fluffy or teddy bear vest.

mock neck vest

Wear it in chunky knit, fine gauge knit, ribbed, jersey or tee. It’s beautiful in lace, silk, Victorian inspired, and more. Wear it long sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless.  Go big or keep it slim to the body. Cropped, waist, hip or long length all work equally well. The world is your oyster with this look.

The mock neck is a very versatile go-to piece in any wardrobe. So why did it go away for so long? Why the jokes? Maybe there was one too many paired with bold gold chains and we needed to give it a rest and make some new, fresh associations. Bold gold is back and so too is the mock neck. Welcome to my wardrobe.

Carolyn Bissett



  1. I’m loving the return of the mock neck! I bought a swingy black number from Aritzia and am pairing it with *everything*. So glad you’re covering this comeback! (pun intended) x

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