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The mini skirt is going nowhere. Men love women in mini skirts and admit it, you can’t help but somewhat enjoy the appreciation received when wearing one. Just consider your age, height, fit, where you are going, and how you plan to pair it before selecting this fun length. I prefer a mini skirt paired with conservative pieces. Select tights rather than hose, looser, billowy tops, knit turtlenecks, and skip the stiletto or over-the-knee high heel boot unless you have it paired very conservatively. I also love the fit and flare. It’s simply elegant. Sexy without trying but still incredibly ladylike.


This skirt length is one of my current favourites. Thank you Mad Men. It is a length that we haven’t seen in years. It makes me think of Pat Benatar, Betty and Veronica or Prom circa 1950s. That being said, it can be a toughie to wear. Note: the midi pencil skirt is much easier to pull off. The midi can look polished and pretty when done right, but it can just as easily go wrong and make you look frumpy. I like it with a statement shoe like a cage bootie or bold stiletto. It can also be done with a strong soled loafer, which is a fun interpretation of this trend if you are in to street chic. Pair it with a crop top to be current for 2014. I love it in cashmere, but it looks equally good with stronger fabrics like leather. Most recently, I have seen it paired with a long, loose turtleneck sweater, but I am less crazy about pairing it this way — to pull this last look off successfully your name should be Willow.


Lord & Taylor has a similar yellow midi skirt to this one, available at The Bay.











Jessica-Alba-StylePink Midi

Jessica Alba looks gorgeous in this Ralph Lauren in between midi-maxi length skirt


Women love maxi dresses and skirts and the good news is that it’s going nowhere. Heck, we won’t let it. There’s something so chic about the maxi length. And even better is that it is comfortable – not to mention you don’t have to do 500 crunches a day to wear it well.  You can wear this look and eat lunch too. The maxi dress looks great on most heights, shapes and sizes,  just make sure the maxi length is all the way to the floor, but not puddling on the ground. When doing the maxi skirt, I prefer to keep the top close to the body to create a nice balance. Maxi dresses and skirts are best paired with a strong shoe like a solid wedge. And I love a  maxi sweater dress with a tall, suede boot or bootie. It doesn’t work when you wear it with a dainty shoe. Anchoring this look with your footware is key.


Similar long, accordion-pleat maxi skirt available at American Apparel for $69


  • Culottes – see Gauchoh No!
  • Palazzo – I just don’t love them. Sorry. They may be comfortable, but I find them unflattering on most, and I’m pretty confident the bulk of men don’t like them either. I’ve seen one too many hungry bums (a term my husband coined = your bum appears to be eating the fabric of your pant.
  • The skirt-pant – is it a skirt, is it pants, oh wait, it’s a skirt-pant.  Come to think of it, I may have had one of these once upon a time. We’ve all had our moments.

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