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Isn’t everything cuter in miniature, teeny or nano? Even our tiny house nation is huge these days. And can we talk for a minute about the micro pig? Why else would you find yourself wanting one. They are just so darn adorable in their itty bitty size.

The baby bag is no exception. I’m not talking about something to haul around a change of diapers and a spare onesie. Nope, I’m referring to the darling little mini versions of designer handbags available in petite form, perfect for those in need of downsizing all that extra just in case stuff you may or may not need. These mini bags are as cute as it gets, giving Puss ‘n Boots and wide eyed Nermel a run for their money. They will be flying off the shelves this spring/summer season.

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Mama had a baby and they named her Mini Me, a.k.a. Victoria, Drew, Selma, Angelina, Lily, Dauphine, Rosalia, Vitello (Wee Viti), Falabella (let’s call her Babybel, except that’s already been taken. Equally delicious, but in a different sort of way) and Baby Boo. For those that prefer the Millennial style names, how about Mini Hamilton, Boston Mini, Nano Mini Sac De Jour or Too Hot to Handle? No, these are not the most recent round of celebrity baby names competing with North West and Apple Martin, but rather these are just some of the names of designer handbags we have come to know, love and covet and now available in a fraction of the original size.

mini bag

mini bags

Over the past decade, the bags were as large as one could go. I swear I once saw an Olsen Twin sneaking the other in to Nobu in one of their handbags. Nobody cared that the bag was bigger than their body size. But a couple years later and it appears as of recent that the designers have taken their It bags, put them in the electromagnetic shrinking chamber and zapped them down to the mini version of the best of the best.

mini bag

mini bag

How do I feel about the baby size handbags? Well they certainly are precious to look at, but from a strictly practical standpoint, my wallet and sunglasses alone would take up the entire real estate available in the mini bag. I’d say that it’s a good thing the Apple Watch is available now except that it requires your phone to be nearby to connect to it, so that’s out. I suppose I could stuff it in my boot? And do I really want to have to downsize my wallet too? Honestly, think about the wristlet? When do you actually use one other than for the one week of the year you go clubbing in Mexico and need something to hold your dollah bills y’all? So I say yay to the cuteness factor, but nay to practicality. Will I spend my heard earned cash on one of these puppies? Not likely. I am the Rational Fashionista after all . . . well maybe just Valentino’s mini Rockstud bag because doesn’t every girl deserve a Rockstud to take her out on the town?

mini bag

How to Wear the Mini Bag?

You’ve opened yourself up to the idea of the teeny purse, now how do you wear it?

The best way to wear the mini bag is casual. A chain strap bag worn cross body looks best, especially if you are going to an outdoor music festival and don’t need anything more than your ID, some cash, a tube of Baby Lips and a BandAid. Leave your key under that decoy rock in front of your house because there is no room in the bag for them, let alone your Phablet that you recently upgraded to. Hope you kept ye old clamshell flip phone from the turn of the century because that’s the only extra that will fit.


I recommend picking mini bags in a colour as they create more visual interest. Have you seen the rainbow coloured Rockstud baby bag? Love, peace and all that good stuff, I say!

mini Valentino rainbow backpack

The mini bag is a very carefree look that is equally perfect with a summer dress as it is with jeans and t-shirt, denim shorts, maxi dress, sophisticated jogger, you name it. The only look I don’t like with it is office attire. It somehow gets lost in the corporate America look. So keep your oversize Hamilton for day, and transfer to the mini bag for the weekends and drinks out on the town.

mini bag

My guess is this is a trend for the moment. It won’t last longer than a New York minute, unless of course you are an 8 year old girl who doesn’t have anything to actually carry. While the mini bag is perfect for a night out on the town allowing you to be footloose and fancy free, the bottom line is a girl’s got junk to tote.

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