Metallics trend for spring and summer 2017


I’m back bitches! Aaack, why did I say that? Because . . . moment of truth . . . I’ve always kind of wanted to. I’m tempted to hit the delete button, but today I’m feeling large and in charge, not to mention that I’m safely hidden behind a computer monitor so it gives me a bit more courage to give this fun phrase a whirl. Makes ME laugh. But if I’m trying to win people over, maybe I should go with “Ladies, Friends, Supporters, I’m back.” Fearless is the name of the game today, so let’s go for broke and chat a bit about this season’s big trend, metallics.

Metallics are where it’s at for spring 2017 and you don’t have to raid King Tut’s tomb to get the look, but you might require a bit of a Midas Touch to style it top-to-toe. My recommendation is to take a let the cheese stands alone approach–where cheese is a metaphor for metallics, don’t ya know–and maybe just pick one, bold metallic detail and work in your riches this way.

Shall we start with a little fact or fiction?


Metallics CAN be worn by anyone, at any size and at any age, but do be prepared to be noticed. It’s not for the faint at heart.

You CAN mix your metals. Anyone who tells you otherwise is telling a bold-faced lie. There is nothing wrong with mixing silver and gold, rose gold and silver, bronze and silver.

You CAN wear all of the metallics. I’m so over the phrase “I can only wear gold or silver because of my skin’s undertone–what a farce that we’ve lived with for far too long. Staaaahhhp! It’s not true. You can wear any of the metals, but yes there will always be one that is better suited to one’s skin tone over another. Silver is best on pink undertones, gold on yellow and rose gold is great on neutrals, but don’t think that just because you are a yellow undertoned gal that you can’t wear silver. Do it! I double dog dare you.


Metallics are for evening . . . and Studio 54. Metallics can be worn at any time of the day. Okay, maybe a metallic gown may look a bit out of place at the office, but a beautiful, metallic pleated skirt or trousers is as much all about the day as it is about the night, and the boogie.

Metallics are for the holidays. Oh no, ho, ho, ho. Not true. Metallics are street chic.  Pull out your metallics whatever time of the year and give any day of the year a little sparkle.

Metallics are best paired with neutrals. While neutrals make for a beautiful backdrop for metallics, you don’t have to stick with basic neutrals to make it work. Think about pink or peach with rose gold, powder blue with silver, jewel tones with gold, silver, rose-gold and copper, or bronze with army green. So pretty.

Don’t do metallics head to toe. Oh yes you can, but it’s tricky indeed, which is why I push for a metallic piece over the T2T look. It’s just easier and we all need a little bit of easier, no?

Metallics 101

Metallics look great when balanced with a more conservative look or contrasted against skin. It breaks the look a bit. Try a contrasting t-shirt, but it is equally as gorgeous with delicate fabrics like silk or cashmere.

One is often enough. Don’t make  your look compete for attention. If you are wearing a metallic skirt, make that the star of the show and hold back on adding too many additional accoutrements. Shiny disco balls.

Flat metallics that are muted are a great way to introduce the bold trend into your wardrobe in a subtle way.

Metallics are just the right thing to wear with your Canadian tuxedo. Nothing looks better than adding in a metallic shoe, belt or handbag against denim on denim. You won’t look like a rodeo clown so go for it. Or better yet, metallic jeans. Sigh.

And last but not least, if you only want to just dip your big toe into the pool of liquid gold, why not pick yourself up a pair of shoes, a belt, a tote or handbag, some metallic shades, or maybe a gold tooth. Once you get more comfortable with the look, go for the gold and make it a whole grill, girl!

Carolyn Bissett