Looking Mantastic: A Fall Style Guide for Men


Yo bro, what do you know? Boys don’t always have to be boys. There’s something to be said for the effortless looking man who just threw on a t-shirt and jeans and heads out the door. Think David Beckham sans the man bun. Don’t for one minute think he just grabbed from a random pile on the floor. Oh no, this effortless look has a whole lot of thought behind it, believe you me. It’s been carefully crafted by a master stylist, most likely the grand dame of fashion herself, Ms. Victoria Beckham a.k.a. Posh Spice.

Whether you prefer a more casual man or favour the full-on metro guy whose efforts extend to his finer points of a perfectly manscaped frame, let’s keep in mind that one thing we can count on is that everyone’s crazy about a sharp dressed man.

mens fashion

The road to success starts with a few gentle tweaks. And when I say success, I don’t necessarily mean career, I mean in all aspects of your life. The right clothes can up your A-game by making you more confident. Looking modern gives the illusion that you are on top of things. It also makes you memorable and we all want to be memorable in some way or another.

So where do we start?


The T-Shirt

Every man should have a slim fit, crew or v-neck t-shirt in his wardrobe. Grab ’em in white, black, grey and maybe a few of your favourite colours. This little number works perfectly on its own when paired with jeans or chinos or layered under a flannel shirt, sports coat or sweater.  The options are endless. This is a key piece for every man. Think the trusted Hanes tee.

mens white tshirt


Flannel Shirt

This 90s throwback continues to go strong for both men and women. No check is too big or too small. My favourite is a buffalo check (or standard lumberjack style) in red and black, blue and black, red and blue, yellow and black, yellow and blue – you catch my drift. Whatever your favourite combo, pick up one for fall. But if you prefer the mini or the giant check, they are equally as on trend. Recommendation is to wear it open and loose over your tee.

mens flannel


Chambray Shirt

The denim shirt is a key player for fall. Wear it on its own, but don’t be shy about throwing on a tie and a sports coat over it. It is always great with chinos and works with all colours – just like denim. If you are going to do double denim, try mixing up your hues and/or textures. In other words, if you have a soft chambray shirt in medium blue, pair it with a stiffer, darker jean or break the look with a sports coat.

mens chambray


Prints Charming never looked so good when he met fresh and modern prints. I am a fan of the menswear dress shirt in an abstract floral, and equally love a print that appears to be a tiny dot from afar,but is in fact a picture when you get up close and personal and realize that it is in fact an anchor, whale or Scottie dog. Guaranteed conversation starter with women, especially if you throw in the coveted accessory of a real pooch.

mens print

men print


The shawl collar sweater is still strong for fall. And a modern man doesn’t need a pipe to pull it off – well maybe one of those licorice ones. Throw it over your tee and you will rock it.

mens shawl collar


Slim is the word bird if you want to appear current. This doesn’t necessarily mean skinny, but do look for a slim cut and please kick your relaxed fit jeans to the curb. And if you have any leftover low riders from yesteryear, please cut them into rags. Jeans were never meant to hang on to your cheeks by a hope and a prayer forcing all wearers to test out their best John Wayne walk, pilgrim.


There are so many options for jeans this season so long as the cut is in line with aforementioned. Don’t listen to old school rules that say you can’t wear “light” after Labour Day because 2016 allows for all washes, from the lightest of greys to the darkest of denims, to mixing and matching your shades within a single jean – what? Current trends to try are cuffing your jeans at the bottom. Pair with a great desert boot or some cool white sneaks being the colour of the moment. Distressed denim is still going strong, which is especially great news for moms with young boys who can never keep the knees intact.

mens jeans


Chinos continue to be front and centre in men’s fashion. Once again, slim, slim, slim. They work with most everything and are a little dressier than your jeans, but more casual then a dress pant. Perfect for many occasions. Role up the chino cuff to the shin for a modern spin, and don’t be timid to grab one in a colour. Takes you back to your Vice days, no? The most current take on the chino is the chino-jogger with an elasticized hem. This is a fantastically mantastic take on chino meets athleisure. Who’d a thunk it? The five pocket chino reminiscent of a jean which I like to call the jhino (tee hee) are another tried, tested and true pick for fall.

mens coloured chino

mens chino


Looking to up your shoe game? Shoes are probably one of the most accepted form of men’s fashion that guys feel comfortable indulging in and are prepared to take a few fashion risks when it comes to shoes. Sadly, they are also one of the most forgotten as well. A bad or outdated shoe instantly kills the look of a great outfit.

Desert Boots

The desert boot is great for all your casual looks. They work well with jeans, chinos and jhinos and fit into the effortlessly cool category. Suede or leather, colour or neutral, all work. This trend is going nowhere fast.

mens desert boots


Men love their athletic shoes and if you want to look on trend, pick yourself up a pair of city sneaks. Please don’t confuse this with your gym cross trainers. Not the same at all. Think Adidas Superstars or Jordans. Two different purposes, two very different impressions.

men athletic chino and shoes


Who doesn’t love a shoe where you don’t have to bend over to put it on? Trend look for fall is a big, white sole.

men's slides


The slimmer lines that we are seeing in men’s fashion are best suited to a narrower shoe like the wingtip. Every man should have a black and a brown pair in his closet.

mens wingtip


Your starter suit should be navy or grey, but if you have that covered off and are looking to expand your wardrobe, may I suggest picking one up in a colour? I am crazy for a man in a slim cut cobalt blue suit with cognac coloured shoes. But if blue is not your thing, burgundy or olive green are a couple of other good choices. And for a completely modern spin, add a pocket square. Theyyyyy’re back!

mens suit blue

mens suit


The bomber jacket is da bomb for 2016. Look for one in army green, navy or black.

mens bomber

I also want to give a shout out to José Bautista’s line with Canada Goose where puffer meets baseball jacket meet convertible travel pillow. How cool is that? Super cool, super stylin’.

mens bautista bombermens bautista bomber


Last but not least are accessories. Every man should have a few key accessories in his tickle trunk. I’m not talking about a pimped out gold chain, but do treat yourself to a statement watch. Other key pieces are a cross-body messenger bag/satchel, briefcase and weekend bag, sunglasses, scarf, nice driving gloves and some fun pattern socks that only show when your pant leg lifts up that tiniest bit and it says “hello, I’m fun and approachable.”

mens watch

mens messenger bag

So there you have it. All your must have key pieces for fall 2016 packed into one slightly long blog post. You are now equipped with the tools (yes, now there’s a word) to look mantastic for fall.

Carolyn Bissett