More is More with the Layered Necklace


You bought a statement necklace or two, are wearing it with everything from your crew neck sweaters to your chambray shirt, your favourite blouse and little black shirt dress. Well guess what? We are taking it down a notch, but adding three or four. Hunh?

layered necklaces 4

Jewelry is getting smaller again so for those that were never crazy about the bold and the beautiful (the necklace, not the soap), you are in luck because once again less is more, but at the same time more is so much more. But I’m not talking about a single strand, dainty little necklace around your neck. No way, Josée. The statement girls will still be happy because the minimalist necklace is maximum all the way. It’s about pairing it down and selecting something a little more understated, but equally makes just as strong a statement by giving it your personal touch. It is delicate, refined and elegant. It is unfussy, yet you are still adorned and dressed up. It says, “I’m breezy.” It’s fun, it’s fabulous, it’s chic, and anything but dull. You will love the change as we move towards the simpler look of the layered necklace trend.



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Here are the Cliff Notes on how to execute the layered necklace look.

Layer Necklaces

Layering isn’t just for winter warmth. Take a number of fine chain necklaces in a range of lengths and pile them on. Take a short, medium and long necklace, oh and may as well add an extra long one too, especially if you are on the taller side, and make a go of it.

layered necklaces 3

Mix Your Metals, Shapes and Stones

You can do it. Gone are the days when you were forced to select your metal colour and stick with it. There’s nothing wrong about wearing multi-strands of all gold or silver, but to really be on trend, why not mix gold, silver and rose gold and pile them around your neck. You can mix your stones too. Don’t be shy about taking a pendant with a topaz stone and throwing on a quartz one as well.  Shapes can vary as well. Wear a small charm or bauble on the shortest length, a small gold or silver shark tooth on the medium strand and a personalized pendant like your monogrammed initials or your zodiac sign on the longest one. Feel free to mix shapes and stones, and size doesn’t have to be identical.

layered necklaces

Select Your Style

The key is keeping it all in the same family. Vintage pieces should stick with antiques. And you don’t want to mix an ethnic piece with rock ‘n roll or classic with urban. It will work better if there is a sense of harmony. So select the look that you like – boho, edgy, vintage, classic, feminine or modern and go with it.

layered necklaces 5

Extra Extra!

For those that were doled out a more generous portion in the cleavage department, rather than wearing 3 or 4 skinny chains, add more. I suggest layering the necklace more in the range of doubling it to 8 or 10 skinny chains. It will look a lot more balanced with your girls.

So no need to put away your statement necklace. They are still a beautiful addition to so many outfits, but the skinny layered multi-strand chain is so very on trend for Spring 2015. This time around, less is more, but more is also more.

Carolyn Bissett




  1. Your timing is impeccable, Sue and I were just talking about the whole layered necklace look yesterday!! Love your pics, it gives me some inspiration!!! Love your blog! xoxoxox

  2. Love this article … never thought of trying this out but now that you’ve explained it a bit, I might go ahead and see how it looks on me. Thanks.

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