How to Hide a Muffin Top


I’d say that it’s unanimously agreed upon that the best part of the muffin is its top, but when it comes to our bodies the muffin top ranks high on the list of least favourite body parts. Even thin shapes can suffer from Muffin Top Syndrome. Many a woman has found herself standing in front of a full length mirror ready to wave the white flag and call out S.O.S.

So what’s a girl to do to camouflage that little bit of belly bulge that insists on spilling over the top of your waistband?

Camouflage is one option. It’s the battle of the bulge afterall. You could pick yourself up a pair of tactical camouflage army fatigues – tactical being the operative word – and distract, distract, distract with the all over motif, if they even see you at all.

Mermaid hair could be another option. Rainbow tresses guarantee that people will be looking up and away from the pooch and at this fascinating hair trend experiment.

But if camo isn’t your favourite colour combination and pattern, and a mane full of multi-hued locks is a little too risque, may I recommend a quick call to fashion 911 to learn how to fix this fashion frustration. Here’s how you can turn that muffin top into one smooth looking loaf.

Let’s take the 4 C approach.


The cut of the garment is critical in disguising the muffin top. With the right cut and fabric, nobody will even realize the love handles exist.


Look for pants that are mid-rise and hit at the belly button, and stuff that muff.


Details like ruching is a perfect trick to hide a bit of a bulgy middle. The pleats and gathers hide things like nobody’s business. Notice how it has become quite popular in swimwear fashion? There is a reason for this.

Strong Fabrics

Thicker cut fabrics are a must. They are going to lock and load and sit over that muffin top making it virtually invisible. Leave the thin tissue to the teens. Pick t-shirts and tops that are a bit thicker. You want your tops to skim and not cling.


Blazers and blouses that hit you at your hip bone or longer are a great trick to hide a muffin top. So too are tops with a peplum.  And those long vests and sweaters that are so on trend right now draw  your eye up and down. Another trick you can apply to draw the eye up is to cinch yourself in at the empire line, which is just below your chest.


There’s a reason why DVF is the queen of the iconic wrap dress that has not once gone out of style for 40+ years since its inception. This woman figured out a long time ago just how figure flattering this cut of dress is on a woman’s figure. The same concept works in a wrap blouse and tying it at the side hides a lot.


There are several great skirt options available at your fingertips. You can never go wrong with a knee length pencil skirt. Fit and flare can be gorgeous, and don’t shy away from a slightly fuller skirt either. The key with this is to balance the proportions with something narrower on top and look for details like either a flat front or wide belt detail to initially cinch you in.


Never underestimate the power of shapewear. There is a reason why we subject ourselves to these love-hate undergarments


The next C to take into consideration is colour. We all know that black makes you look thinner but don’t underestimate the power of other colours, strategic colour blocking and patterns and motifs.


Because we could all use a little more veggies in our life.


So now you have a few more tips, tricks and tools to take back the power. Shine bright, my friends.

Carolyn Bissett




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