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It’s the coolest event of the year, and I’m not just saying that because it takes place in February. Brace yourself because the hottest musicians for 2015 came together in hopes of snagging artist, album or song of the year at the 2015 Grammy Awards. All the edgiest of rockers rubbed elbows with the most saccharine of pop tarts, seated next to the moodiest of rap stars. Not naming any names, but why does the world get under your skin so much, and seriously, who is crabby after eating waffles? The sugar high alone should lockdown even the smallest of lopsided grins.

The question we all wanted to know was could Taylor shoot Katy the stink eye from her seat? Would Selena show up with Zedd or the Biebs  – so hard when the heart wants what it wants. Is Beyoncé still drunk in love with Jay-Z or is the sanctity of their marriage just to sell tickets? Still can’t tell based upon that quick peck she gave him after her win. And here’s what I really want to know, how many opted for a pre-Grammy, GOOP recommended infrared and mugwort’s steam and clean . . . oh, and who are you wearing?

The Grammys is the show that allows the artists to really let loose on the red carpet and be a little brave with their outfits, take some fashion risks, and tacky is permitted because anything goes. And no worries because the FCC has final say over obscenities and indecency. Can we slap a fine for bad taste? There is always such a crazy mix of dress to impress and avant-garde outfits, dare to bare, outlandish and outrageous, and this year did not let us down. It truly is a fun event on so many levels.

Dave Grohl stayed true to his grunge roots and “forgot” to dress up. Madonna managed for 30 consecutive years in a row to make our jaws drop, and I could swear I saw Angus from AC/DC mutter “bitch stole my look” when he caught sight of Pharrell Williams in his short suit.

Grammy 2015 red carpet fashion themes of the night included sheer and see-through, beaded appliqués and sparkles, geometric shapes and multi-dimensional silhouettes. Granny panties (let’s call them Grammy panties in honour of the night) showed that they can in fact be simultaneously hot and cool when worn by the biggest names around. Sleeves made a return in both their long and short length. Additional straps were on many a gown, and a number of artists opted to follow J.Lo’s lead and combine the plunging neckline with the hip high slit.

Here are the red carpet fashion hits and misses of the night.

The Showstoppers

Katy Perry – I believe I may in fact give Katy Perry the winning nod this year – and still fresh off her Superbowl high. So often we expect to see Miss Perry in something kitschy, cheeky, cartoon-y or just plain old tacky, so what a welcome addition to see her in the gorgeous ivory Zuhad Muhair gown that was literally dripping with beads. For this reason I give her the win. It was just sheer enough to ask yourself “is that see-through?” Yes, yes it was.  And were those Grammy panties peeking through? The addition of the statement belt added such a lovely and unexpected touch. Her lavender hair and makeup made her pin-up perfection. Touchdown.


Taylor Swift – Oh snap, look who is number two. Normally, I am team Taylor all the way, but Katy Perry beat her by one lovely strand of lavender hair over a strappy magenta killer sandal. Taylor is a style icon who will go down in history as one of the best. She manages to knock it out of the park time and time again. This statuette beauty wears clothes better than the supermodels she hangs with, and she cannot seem to make a fashion mistake. She takes risks, but it’s eternal elegance when it comes to Swifty. The jade Elie Saab halter dress with addition of shoulder straps and paired with the magenta shoes was fashion perfection. It was a risk that went so right.

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

Gwen Stefani – I thought for sure from the moment I spotted her in the Atelier Versace jumpsuit that it would be my hands down win, then Katy and Taylor showed up. But it was a tight three-way race. The rock ‘n roll couture jumpsuit with its asymmetrical sweetheart style bodice had a beaded cobweb effect to it. I love her when she’s made up with her signature bold red lip, but she is equally as beautiful when she goes with the nude look, as she did during the red carpet event. I have high expectations for Gwen when it comes to fashion, and she didn’t fail.


Jessie J. – This lady gets big props from me for looking so beautifully elegant in her Ralph and Russo sheer black gown with floral appliqués and crystal bead work. The short sleeve and long train that puddled to the floor did me proud as both a viewer and a fashion reviewer. I hope we will see more from the fashion house.

Jessie J

Jennifer Hudson – Praise for the little white dress. Jennifer Hudson looked exquisite in this Tom Ford mid-length LWD.  With her curves in all the right places, it fit her like a glove. But for me, the pièce de resistance would have to be the addition of the most delicate looking diamond infinity choker. Slam dunk.


Iggy Azalea – This lady sure cleans up nicely. Iggy Azalea was a vision in the azure blue Armani Privé gown. The cutouts defined her waistline perfectly and the sheer banding towards the bottom gave visual interest to the gown. So did the v-neckline that plunged just far enough to bare but not so much to dare, and combined with the little sleeves, it fit her beautifully. We think of this woman as a bit footloose and fancy-free, but Grammy night was straight fancy in all the best ways.


Honourable Mention

Guiliana Rancic – I am a big fan of Guiliana Rancic’s style and take on what to wear, but this time I wanted to take special note of her gorgeous bootcut pantsuit. From the waist up you assumed she was wearing a gown, but surprise, pants were on the bottom half. It was sheer, yet covered, it was beaded with mesh panels and full of interesting shapes and dimensions. It was elegant, yet rock ‘n roll. The long sleeves gave it a conservative edge, but the sheer all the way through gave it a certain sex appeal. I loved the crossover gownsuit.


The Misses

Madonna – The matador meets Lady Marmalade look that she wore down the red carpet kind of prepared me for her performance, but also made me wonder if we can expect a remake of the hit. This time around, I expect it to include Charlie XCX, Ariana Grande and Mylie Cyrus. Funnily enough, a couple of these ladies are on my worst dressed list. I hated everything about the pink and black burlesque-ish costume she wore with the leather sleeve gloves and the thigh high boots. Thank goodness for the few that are wearing them right because I am fighting tooth and nail against those who insist on wearing them wrong.


Charlie XCX – What can I say about this Moschino shimmering white lady tux with tails outfit that Charlie XCX wore to the Grammys? The Barbie pink bow tie, the soft pink Gentleman Prefer Blondes fur stole . . . I will give her a pass this time around because I did say that a little tacky is permitted at this event.


Ariana Grande – What went so wrong with this Atelier Versace dress? It started out so pretty and then it looked like a Project Runway creation went awry when the designer realized they ran out of fabric to cover left cup. I can hear Tim Gunn now saying “5 minutes left. Make it work.” So fellow competitor offered up a swatch of his silver lamé chainmail  fabric that he picked up at Mood as a last minute grab, quickly basted the top and added some fishing wire around the waist. The itty bitty choker also didn’t work with this little white gown quite the way it did with Jennifer Hudson’s dress. And as for the high ponytail, yes, it’s a good look on her, but I’d really love to see a different do, especially with a gown. Ariana Grande, that means you’re out. Auf Wiedersehen. That being said, your performance was incredible and you are so cute that I will also give you a pass. Okay, you are back in.


Kim Kardashian – All the money in the world can’t buy good taste. Kim needs to remember that she used to be a stylist in her former life and stop listening to Kanye. He is not the fashion guru he claims to be. The silver and gold Jean-Paul Gauthier robe dress was barely held together by a belt and five hook and eye closures. The enormous epaulettes were very reminiscent of Dynasty.


Rihanna – Oh RiRi, this number was soooo. . . errr. .. big. The colour was pretty. I will go with that. It looked like she was literally being swallowed up by the Giambattista Valli dress. What is up with these overly large hoop skirt gowns with the empire waist that really flatters not a single figure out there? I couldn’t help but wonder if she was smuggling six ticketless friends under the gown.

rihanna-grammy-2015-red-carpet (1)

On the Fence

Ciara – So I loved this gown and the addition of the gold plated statement belt. It was such an incredible touch. I just wish it was a bit longer in the front.


Nikki Minaj – I loved the Tom Ford dress she wore to this year’s Grammys, but I personally find she has too many curves for such a plunging neckline. I would have liked it better on a smaller chested woman, say Kate Hudson.


So that’s my take on the Grammy’s 2015. I love this event since it really does have this combination vibe of getting dressed up and going all out, whatever that means for the artist.

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