Going Grey Gracefully


I saw this woman recently with a fabulous head of grey hair. She was very artsy-chic in her style and looked like she was too young to have gone so completely grey. My husband said to me, “you know, I kind of admire a woman who doesn’t feel the need to cover her grey with hair colour.” “Bah (not baaa like a sheep, but more of a short, concise Bah! like Scrooge, only nicer and without the economic implications)!” I replied. “that’s a tint.” “Why would someone choose to dye their hair grey?” he asked. “Dunno. It’s in style,” was all I could offer.


All this leads me to the question of is grey the new platinum blond or was it actually a case of toner gone wrong on the right head. Think Kelly Osborne, Nicole Richie, Pink, Kylie Jenner and Gaga. If 40 is the new 30, could 20 be the new 80?

grey hair_pink

I’m on the fence with this one. I kind of like it on a few, like the girl at the  party, but at the same time find it odd. Grey clothing can be very flattering on many a complexion so I get that it can be equally complementary on a head of hair.  But the marketing machine has been telling us since the dawn of time (or at least since Miss Clairol met Miss I’m Every Woman) that you need to wash that grey right out of your hair and send it on its way. So all of a sudden we are selectively choosing to wash the grey right into our hair.

grey hair

Confused?  You are not alone. But that’s the fashion and beauty industry. It’s meant to keep us on our toes or leave our follicles vulnerable. What’s hot is not and then what’s not is hot again, only with a twist. All’s fair in love, fashion, beauty and marketing.

grey hair trend

So if you love the look, maybe chat with your colourist to see if it’ll suit  you. Find out what kind of commitment  you have to make to get that fashion forward grey colour and avoid looking like you are ready for the 4:30 seating  at Perkins in Boca Raton. What’s the worst that can happen other than that you may look a bit dowdy for a few weeks and bleaching the crap out of your hair gives it a real knockout punch. But on the upside you may find that people will be offering you their seat on the bus. Maybe you’ll get to jump to the front of the queue as others fear your hips can’t handle the pressure. The hips don’t lie, but the hair sure can. And best case scenario is you found a great new look.

grey hair

So why not delve in and try a tint of grey, or if your feeling hesitant than go for more of a lavender-grey, pink-grey or blue-grey. Maybe do a wee section that is low commitment or some clip-in extensions. It could be fun. Granny chic made Vicky Lawrence richer than rich well before her golden years so you never know what fun, benefits or riches could be in store with the new look.


Ready to give it a whirl, Pearl?

Carolyn Bissett




  1. I think a gal needs to be careful with this one. All the people I’ve seen who can really pull off grey hair a) have super glossy hair (ie, you really have to take care of it and get glossing treatments) and b) have olive or honey skin tones. A woman I know who decided to let her natural grey come in had to adjust her entire makeup regimen and now spends more time and money on hair upkeep than she did when she was covering up her grey.

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