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Hey sexy lady! Admit it, Marianne was everyone’s favourite castaway, well with the exception of Wilson. You felt like you could share your secrets with Marianne. She was salt of the earth, fresh off the farm, wholesome, all sweetness and innocence, and the girl wore gingham.

Gingham appeals to many because it simultaneously crosses all of the style identities making it one of the most wearable of all the prints. Gingham is casual so it works perfectly for the weekend girl who likes to feel comfortable and relaxed. It is soft and pretty with its two tone colours that come in an array of contrasting shades – baby pink and white, hot pink and white, cobalt and white, baby blue and white, yellow and white, kelly green and white, red and white, maroon and white, navy and white, and black and white. It’s a pretty girl print that the girlie girl loves. Equally so, it often comes is sophisticated cuts like the cigarette pant, boxy top or swingy coat, giving it a cosmopolitan edge that is perfect for the classic woman. And nothing says sexy like a gingham top tied at the waist with a fitted pair of jeans or with a pencil skirt and stilettos. Think the Guess girl. Rock ‘n roll aficionados will love gingham in its deeper hues, tied around the waist or peaking through a moto jacket giving it the cool girl take on the look. And we can’t leave out the men. Nothing is hotter than a man in a gingham print shirt, so perfect with a suit, jeans, chinos, under a cardigan or vest or worn on its own. Style mavens love gingham.

gingham 3 gingham 2 Houndstooth_NYFW_DVF
Gingham made its way down the runways of many a designer in the spring 2015 collections. Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta and Altuzarra all sent gingham printed fashions down the catwalk. It showed itself in full midi skirts, boxy tops, swingy jackets, cigarette pants, dresses, two piece outfits, pencil skirts and shorts. It is showing itself in every colour under the rainbow to guarantee that one will meet your favourite combination.

gingham 5 gingham 4
Gingham is iconic all-American, yet equally South of France, and simultaneously Scandanavian home decor. It’s timeless. Think Bridgette Bardot, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Marianne, Hee Haw, the Guess girl and the 2015 spring fashionistas. It comes back in style over and over again. I love the print and am always happy to see it make its comeback. I feel the same way about fall’s plaid. It fits my inner girlie girl perfectly, but know that it equally works on my more casual days. It is a print that makes you smile because it is sweet and happy, innocent and demure, cheery and alluring.

How to wear gingham style?

Ground it

ginghamgingham 13

It is a strong pattern that really stands out so grounding it with a solid colour is an easy way to wear this print. You can wear it with a khaki skirt, a full solid midi skirt, a pencil skirt, shorts, jeans, denim skirt and more. Layer it with a crew neck sweater on blazer over top and don’t forget to add statement jewellery.

Wear gingham with jeans

For the days when I want to feel more casual, I love it with jeans. Try it with this season’s boyfriend or girlfriend cut jeans with flats like a city sneaker, ballet slipper or smoking slipper. To dress it up a bit more, try it with a stiletto. White jeans are always a winning combination with the print. Add a braided leather belt, some cage booties, a clutch, bold jewellery pieces, and layer it with a loose blazer over top.

gingham 12

Try a gingham skirt with one of my favourites, the chambray shirt. Do add strand upon strand of chunky pearls, a statement necklace or layered necklaces and carry a bold bag to make this look sing.

gingham 6

 Wear gingham with colours

Don’t be afraid to try it with a complementary colour. Look to the colour wheel if you need help. Opposites such as a blue and white gingham top with orange shorts is a great look. You can also look towards colours in the same hue. Try a hot pink and white gingham shirt with a sunny yellow belt and a white skirt, a deep forest green and white gingham print paired with salmon (as seen in the image below), or red gingham balanced with navy looks incredible. Boost up the look of a basic black and white gingham outfit with ultra bright hues like sunny yellows, oranges, fuschia or cobalt blue to really make it stand out.


Wear gingham with printsgingham 15

Print on print is the modern take on wearing gingham, but it is a tough sell for the everyday girl. You can do top-to-toe gingham in one size or try mixing the gingham sizes (ie a larger gingham paired with a tinier gingham). Try it the way DVF showed us this season by adding a bold floral to the look. For the less daring, try a floral heel with a solid in between then gingham on top. For the bolder gal, you can mix a striped blazer with gingham or a bold polka dot print – scary, I know. The recommendation is to make sure there is harmony to the colours and that the patterns are substantially different – ie very large polka dots with a smaller gingham or bold stripes with smaller gingham. Incorporating a grouding piece like s solid blazer can tie the look together and make it more wearable for those that want to test the limits but are still starting out.

gingham 16

I know what I’ll be incorporating gingham into my wardrobe this spring. How about you? Why not pick yourself up something in the happiest of all the prints. I encourage you to give it a try in some form or other.


Carolyn Bissett



  1. Carolyn, love the pastel outfits with lacy skirts, the outfits with black/yellow and black/pink colours too! Marianne was also my favorite castaway. LOL

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