Gauchoh no!


. . . or oh yes! I can’t decide. I remain on the fence with this season’s trend. I regret giving away my pair of culottes to the Sally Ann a few years back, but mainly because I’m not certain I want to re-invest in them. The reason is that I find gauchos to be very hard to wear for the average gal. They cut you off at the knee, so not great for most ladies under 5’6″. I’m 5’10”, so if I’m cut off at the knee . . . well, I am still 5’0″, so no biggie. However, if you are petite or plus size, I suggest sitting this one out, cowgirl.

Asos box-pleat culotte


For fall 2014, the fashion magazines suggest wearing gauchos with a solid heel loafer, but if you ask me I prefer the look with a stiletto heel or a tall, high heel boot. The reason this look is better is because it draws the eye up and down (and really, it’s not easy to get looked up and down in gauchos). It is best paired with simple items. Make the culotte the statement piece. I suggest a classic knit, fitted turtleneck or basic blouse to add sophistication and elegance. Consider adding a long necklace to continue that vertical line and keep your accessories classic and structured.




I totally give props to Kate Hudson pulling off these amazing Alice and Olivia culottes this summer. If anyone can rock them, Kate can.


***Gaucho/cowboy saying of the day – If you’re ridin’ ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it’s still there with ya.



  1. Oh Kate looks fabulous! But sadly, it’s not a great look on shorties like me:-(( I will stick to my white jeans!

  2. Love your blog Carolyn…very helpful!!!

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