Flower Power


The Garden of Eden called and they want their motif back. Calling all floral enthusiasts, flora and fauna inspired prints are the talk of the town. Everywhere you turn you’ll find it rooted on what you wear, carry and hold. And the best news of all is you don’t have to have a green thumb to wear it well – rather, you just need a whole bag of extra confidence in your fashion sense. The oversized floral, reminiscent of an English garden and similar in size to peonies and hydrangeas, is leading the way as a key look for the spring-summer season.

tropical prints

For those that are a little less crazy about blossoms on your body, how about trying the tropical botanical print. Leafy prints are just as big and holding their place in fashion, with lush leaves like palm and fern digitally printed on pants, shorts, jumpsuits, skirts, dresses, bags, shoes and even cellphone cases. Green on white is the popular take, but I’ve seen it done in black and white and even sunset colours. Mother Nature may have her ways of doing things, but when it comes to fashion, rules are meant to be broken. Why not have a pink palm frond? I’m game.

botanical print jumpsuit

If wearing floral or giant leaves seems a little scary, here are some suggestions on how to wear it. Pick your version and interpret it to work for you and your style identity. I quite like this take below.

tropical prints


How to wear floral or tropical prints?

Don’t be afraid to mix graphics


botanical print


Wear head-to-toe floral like a jumpsuit or two pieces pants and blouse or skirt and jacket

floral print

leaf print

Try a touch of floral with pumps or a handbag.

floral and dot bag

Top an LBD, LWD or basic neutrals with a floral topper or duster

leaf print

Let the print make the statement and pair it with simple neutrals like nude shoes or a neutral top

floral print

Do the opposite and pop the print with a complementary colour in your shoe, handbag, pant or blouse

floral print

Break the look by topping it with a contrasting jacket or simple white top

leaf print

Don’t be afraid to mix prints. Try mixing tropical prints of a larger scale with something smaller. Why not mix blossoms with leaves?

floral prints

Denim truly works with everything. Mix your floral or botanical prints with denim or the quintessential chambray shirt

floral print

Double up on the statement with a floral midi skirt and a statement shirt with a fun message.

This trend is a must on my list. It comes in all price points so any gal can incorporate it into her wardrobe budget. H&M offered the gorgeous print in their Conscious capsule collection this season. Old Navy has fun botanical short shorts for those blessed with great gams. Banana Republic offers a full midi-skirt that you can pick up this very weekend. Then there is the slightly pricier, but oh so lust worthy, pencil skirt from Alice and Olivia, and the flower power dress from Ted Baker will make any tough day at the office instantly more vibrant.

floral dress_ted baker

While this trend is big and bold and not for the shrinking Violets of the world, can we all agree that it is fun. Everything is coming up roses, ferns, palm and plumeria, and a trip to Hawaii is not necessary to wear it well, though it would be nice plus. Can we all agree that it’s a definite do for summer?

Carolyn Bissett



  1. Is this last dress in the article (the green mirror print pencil dress) a Ted Baker?
    Can you sen me more info on the name, etc?

    • Hi Vanessa,

      It’s such a stunning dress. The name is “Jungle Orchid” from Ted Baker. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available, but you can find similar gorgeous print pencil dresses from Ted Baker at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, etc. Good luck in your search.


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