Floral Prints for Spring 2016


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. As would a lily, daisy, dahlia, hyacinth, jasmine, heather, iris, myrtle, poppy or violet. Marigolds, not so much.

floral dress

For the neutral wearing minimalist girl, you may want to sit this season out, but girlie girls rejoice because you are going to love spring 2016 fashion where all you will find is bountiful floral prints blooming in abundance. Can I get a booyah?

floral print

To really look current, the way to wear this look is top-to-toe. But I get that not all women are going to feel comfortable in quite so much print. It can look a little like you are ready to go night-y night night night. So if full bodied floral is not your cup of chamomile, doing just a hint of print is equally on trend.

floral two piece

Floral prints prevail for spring 2016. You will find them in the shops and magazines in all shapes and forms. There really are no excuses for not finding something that tickles your fancy, rockstar girls excused. You will find the tiniest of floral reminiscent of a Liberty print, to big and bold English garden roses and peonies, dreamy Monet-esque prints, abstract florals, tropical prints, the flowering trees and the herbaceous variety are all available. I’m sure there is one that suits your preference.

Floral OP

floral print

Head-to-Toe Floral

A two-piece pajama style blouse and silky, wide leg trouser set is perfect for the girl who is the farthest thing from a wallflower. This look is completely on trend, but it makes a strong statement and most will find this to be a bit much for their taste.

floral jumpsuit

floral suit

If you want to dabble in the T2T look, but feel like it could also be a bit daunting, may I suggest doing it in dress or jumpsuit/romper form. It takes you down a less risky path of doing it wrong or feeling out of place in the trend. Dresses can be done in mini, midi or maxi versions, delicate floral prints or gargantuan flowers. The way I like to see so much floral is when there is a bit of skin showing. For example, take a midi length bold floral dress with a short sleeve, a maxi dress opened wide at the neck or a short mini in a teeny, mix and match floral print – long or short sleeves, but the longer sleeve gives it a gorgeous Boho meets preppy girl take. Even better is when the fabric is sheer.

floral dress


floral romper

floral print maxi

Hint of Floral

If full-on flower makes you feel less than, why not incorporate just a piece of floral into your wardrobe this spring? Everything you can dream of and more is available to purchase this season. Break apart the floral suit that you see in the stores and take the print blazer and pair it with distressed jeans for an amazing contrast of girlie meets bad girl. Pair a floral skirt with a t-shirt and a layered chain necklace for simple elegance. And my favourite of the season is the the floral pant. I love the narrow cigarette pant done with a bold bloom, but a silky 70s wide leg pant can look pretty dreamy too.

floral pants

floral pants wide

floral skirt

floral full skirt

floral shirt

floral loose shirt

Coats are another fun way to make a bold botanical statement. This is great for the girl who has everything, or at least all her coat bases are covered off.

floral coat

For the junior gardener who just wants to dabble in the floral motif, may I steer you in the direction of a floral scarf, bandana, tote/handbag or shoe.

floral oxford

floral hint

Perfect for the girl who can barely stomach floral

I encourage you to feel empowered by the flower this season. What do you say? Shall we say it with flowers?

Carolyn Bissett


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