With Comic Con happening in New York right now, I thought it apropos to write about how cartoons and fashion are pairing up. I appreciate a good Pixar or Warner Brothers flick as much as the next person – the songs, the happy feet, the adult jokes mixed in to a childlike storyline, but the question I pose is does it have a place in fashion or is the joke on us?

I’m having issues with the fact that not only did a designer think it was a good idea to put Sponge Bob Square Pants on a dress meant for adults, but even moreso that a committee of people at Moschino’s house of style approved it.

Can we agree to say no to the Sponge Bob chubby, trench and puffer coat? Same goes for the dress, leggings and shortie shorts. And while we are at it, do Wookiees belong on an evening gown? I must admit that I do like a cute comic logo sweater or tee. They can be really sweet when paired with a simple pair of pants, allowing the “KA-POW! or BooM!” to say it all.

Jessica Alba in Philip Lim for Target 2013

Otherwise, unless you are going to Comic Con, in which case I say go for it because Geek chic works very well in this venue, let’s leave the pop art fashion to the pop tarts, ’cause when you are 15 you can pull just about anything off.

May the force be with you if you fall victim to this one.

Rodarte Fall 2014




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