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I be up in the gym just working on my fitness when I thought about doing this blog post to cross promote fashionable fitness wear with a great cause. Bust a Move for Breast Health is literally just a hop, skip and a jump away. Between now and the day of the event on March 28, 2015, Team BFF will be working their buns of steel off to help support the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. The Fashion Fix is offering to contribute a portion of its proceeds earned from anyone interested in a wardrobe consultation between now and March 28, 2015. So what do you need to gear up for the event?

Fashionable Fitness Finds

Let’s start by looking your best. If you love  your workout outfit, chances are that you will be motivated to move. It’s the look good, feel good phenomenon. Seriously, we all want to look cute and the gym should be no exception, no matter what our shape and size and how we presently feel about our image. If you look shlumpy, you aren’t going to feel that get up and go mojo. So I say toss aside that ratty old t-shirt and jogging pants and pick up a cool girl athletic outfit. I encourage you to add a pop of colour to this outfit because colour psychology has shown that it can  indeed make you feel happier and energize a person. So what’s holding you back?

fitness-fashion (1)Fitness wear has come a long way from the early days of the gym class uniform, which btw, those shorts are totally back in style, be it for gym class or street style in leather or suede. There is so much technology behind the fabrics to help you with your workout and designers are focused on style to inspire movement. Designers like Stella McCartney for Adidas designs apparel that combines fitness with fashion. Kate Hudson offers a line of workout wear called Fabletics. If I can look as good as Kate Hudson in those yoga pants, then sign me up. Companies like Lululemon, Lolë and and Under Amor also do a great job at offering fashionable fitness gear. But don’t discount places like Gap and Old Navy. They have great fitness pieces available at a price point that will please you. And trust me, the fit line holds up to the toughest of workouts.

What to introduce into your training wardrobe?


Workout pants come in the range of cool girl gym style to suit every need. There are compression pants to hold you in, elegant ballet inspired legging with footholes (or stirrups, if we so dare to call them) that I am lusting after, featherweight slouchy sweatpants that are urban street style and perfect for women who haven’t exactly loved the tighter yoga and leggings available in the past, or great for throwing on before or after your workout, especially if you plan to run out and grab a coffee or do some quick errands. They come in full and cropped length.

fashionable fitness_foothole leggingsfashionable fitness 4 fashionable fitness_pants








If you are interested in looking a little more unique, there are many fun, printed leggings like galaxy, lunar disco, chevron, camo, geometrics, floral and animal print leggings to please every taste. Of course there are solid neutrals and colour for those that prefer to play it safe. But if you want to be on trend, go for a print. Or try a printed top.


Performance shorts are in all the stores and available for those that want their legs to get some air. Just consider what you wear underneath and what activity you are doing. For a class, I would layer overtop of a biker short, just in case.

fashionable fitness_shorts

Sporty Tanks

Along with fitted tanks are a range of looser options for those that prefer something that sits away from the body. Motivational gym tanks are also fun to wear. I like Muscles and Mascara or Beast Mode, but will avoid Nice Rack or Hot Mess Mama.

fashionable fitness tank 2

Sports Bras

The sports bra has become as much a part of wardrobe style as it is a necessity to strap you in. Nowadays people are playing with colours by mixing and matching their sports bra to show through their tank. Why buy white, black or grey when you can get hot pink, mint green or cobalt blue?

fashionable fitness tank


Try a skort. It’s not just for the tennis triplets anymore – Anna, Maria and Eugenie. I love the idea of it on a bike ride and then hitting up the local patisserie for a latte and croissant to undue all the good I did getting there. You feel a little more dressed then in bike shorts.

fashionable fitnessskort


Vests and sports jackets are an integral part of getting you to and from the gym, or helping keep your core warm during a workout outside in the cooler months. Not only do they hold your keys but also all your gadgets and offer interesting details to create a slimming effect with strategic lines, trim and ruching, and fun necklines.

fashionable fitness_shirt fashionable fitness_jacket 2

fashionable fitness_nike vest









Sneakers have never been more inspirational. That being said, select one that is right for your workout and not strictly because you like the hot pink and  yellow cross trainer otherwise you may find yourself with an injury.

fashionable fitness_sneakers


Come on, who doesn’t want a gym handbag? Go out and get yourself a great one and put away the knapsack.

fashionable fitness tote



Electronics like Dr. Dre’s Beats (I love them in gold) set to some of your favourite iTunes will inspire you to shake your groove thing, and a FitBit Flex Activity Wristband can help measure your sleep and activity levels. The tracker device comes in a range of fun colours to match or contrast your outfit.

fashionable fitness Dr Dre Beats fitbit

So lets get moving for our own health and also in recognition of a good cause. It’s time to Bust a Move.

Carolyn Bissett





  1. Fabulous fashion, Carolyn! I’m inspired to ditch my ratty t-shirts and buy me some cool girl athletic outfit. Including some featherweight slouchy sweatpants to throw on post sweat sesh.

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