Embroidery Meets Fashion 2016


The Spanish sigñorita meets the Mexican mami, meets the unabashed Ukrainian beauty, meets the needle and thread. Traditional garments of these cultures are at the forefront of summer style for 2016. Don’t for one minute confuse this fashion trend with church bizarre or community centre craft conventions where embroidered doilies go under your crochet dolly toilet paper cover. Doilies for dollies  – D4D.

embroidered dress

Embroidered details are fresh for the summer season. There is no need to relegate them to a scenic picture, framed and hung on the wall, or done as an antique pillow perfect for a Victorian B&B. Embroidery doesn’t have to mean old fashioned or folkloric. It may be ancient in tradition, but it most certainly can be taken into the modern with a few present day twists. And the masters of design are showing us exactly how it can be done. If it can be made, it can be crafted into finery.

embroidered blouse

embroidered top to toe

embroidered ballet shoes

Embroidery truly is a work of art. By adding it to your wardrobe, it transforms most anything into pretty, colourful, elegant, feminine and visually interesting. Guaranteed, people will stop and take notice with such great eye catching elements.

embroidered dress

embroidered boho dress

embroidered jean jacket

embroidered scarf

The designers are embroidering everything they can get their mitts on, possibly including mitts. Jumpsuits, jeans, bomber jackets, flow-y summer dresses,  blouses, shoes, scarves and gowns are just some of what we are seeing – if it can be embroidered, it will be embroidered. To make it current, add in embellishments, beading, lace and appliqués. This will give it a more defined twist, stepping away from its more traditional look and feel.

embroidered applique blouse

embroidered collar blouse

embroidered boxy blazer

embroidered bomber

Embroidered fashion does not have to look costume-y. It can have street style ease, as done by Marc Jacobs with his splashy, graffiti embroidered garments shown in the spring 2016 collection.

embroidery marc jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Embroidered Boho Blouse

I am definitely a fan of this artisanal look, and am buying in to this trend. Will you dare to go anything but threadbare. I’m sold.

Carolyn Bissett


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