Desk to Dinner Fashion Tips in 3 Easy Steps


Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring, ting, tingling too. It’s lovely weather for a holiday sweater or two. Ahh these holiday songs they get stuck in my head, and for some reason seem to grant me permission to shop. But I’m off topic.

The holidays are upon us, in fact we are right smack in the midst of it all. Maybe you’ve already had your office party, in which case you can bank this information for another year, but if you still have places to go and want some tips on taking it from desk to dinner or for an after work 5 à 7 or cocktail party, here’s how you do it. It will involve packing a few extras to take along with you for the day, but I suggest you swap out that sandwich and fill your lunch bag (oh, let’s call it a lunch clutch) with accessories to take you from day to night. Do still buy that sandwich though because you want to make sure you have a little something in your belly for when the cocktails start pouring.



Desk to Dinner Fashion Breakdown

  1. Start with the Foundation: The initial goal is to look office chic. Select something that will make you feel comfortable to have on all day and is office appropriate since you may have to go to a meeting and interact with others, but ready to take it from the boardroom to the bar in a way that you don’t feel like you are still in your workwear. I recommend selecting a starting point basic like a dress, skirt and blouse combination – I currently love the skater skirt or fit and flare skirt for the office to evening ensemble – or consider a jumpsuit to be on trend. While at the office, pair it with a cardigan or blazer, tights and a practical pump.
  2. It’s Transition Time: The second goal is to transition your office look into an evening ensemble in a matter of mere minutes. It shouldn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes to change and freshen up, if you follow these guideline. Remember you may not have a lot of time between when the day ends and the party begins. For this reason, the dress, skirt or jumpsuit option offers you a great base point. First, remove the tights and swap out the cardigan or blazer and set it aside for another day. Consider adding a sparkly bolero, tuxedo blazer, metal plate belt, statement necklace, chandelier earrings and/or a cocktail ring. Change your office appropriate pumps for a sexier heel or boot(ie), and exchange your day bag for an evening clutch.
  3. It’s Time to Get Gorgeous: Let your hair down and freshen up your look by adding a few soft curls, a bold lipstick in red, hot pink or bright coral, maybe add a few false eyelashes to the corners of your eyes, a quick swipe of mascara, spritz of perfume and ta dah, you are ready to go.

Now go out and enjoy that party, but not too much.