Colors for Fall 2015 Fashion


Carole Jackson’s Color Me Beautiful introduced us to a world of seasonal color analysis, where each and every one of us fit clearly into a season based upon what color lies beneath your skin’s surface – one must assess whether your skin has yellow or pink undertones. With the help of this book, a couple hours going makeup free, a white and ivory sheet and a booklet full of color swatches, one can figure out whether they are a winter, spring, summer or fall. Once this is determined we then know exactly what colors look best on us, forever changing the choices we make and transforming us from washed out and sickly into glow-y and gorgeous.

Color me crazy, but I always had a hard time figuring out if my veins were blue or green. They seem to be slightly more on the green side, but just barely. Color me badd because along came the neutral skin tone theory, letting us know that not everyone is a straight out warm or cool. Some of us teeter between the two worlds. Neutrals can wear both warm and cool tones, gold and silver but don’t necessarily look spectacular in either the way true warms or cools do. We hit a tipping point and color analysis expanded into seasonal crossover.

Each year, designers and the Pantone Institute set out their color favorites to be found in fashion and home decor. Are you wondering what is included in the fall fashion color palette for 2015? I’m sorry Miss Jackson, but this is for real, designers do their own thing and this year’s fall color choices are not as specified in your book.


Did you know that the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color? This season there are several shades of green to appease the eye, including:

  • Army Green – this neutral goes with everything, but pair it with charcoal for a 2015 wow factor.

fall color_army

  • Hunter Green – remember the 90s when this was the home decor color of choice, along with all things ducks? What was that about anyway? Why were we so stuck on ducks? Hunter green is major this season. Pair it with orchid, fuschia or golden yellow.

fall colors_hunter

  • Emerald Green works well with bright orange, navy, pale blue, denim and pretty much any other shade of green. Most greens work well when you combine them together.

fall color_emerald

  • Mint Green – match it with mushroom, purple, ivory, buff and other variations of green.

green on green


This season’s orange is not very reminiscent of fall foliage, Halloween or what you’d think a PSL should look like. It has a much more summer-y feel to it in its vibrancy. Pair it with charcoal, emerald, navy or many of the blue hues.

fall colors_tangerine


We are still in love with Pantone’s color of the year for 2014, Radiant Orchid. I love it with navy for a 2015 twist. Other great colors that offset the shade are acid, army and olive green, teal, turquoise and grey.

fall color_purple

Dusty Rose

I have to admit that dusty rose is my least favorite of all the pinks. Pink is my favorite color, in particular baby, Barbie pink and fuschia, but dusty rose (or old rose), just feels a bit shabby chic to me. I prefer its slightly lighter cousin, blush, but since dusty rose is making a comeback then I’ll cut it a break because the color really does look good with a lot. Try it in head-to-toe pink or with many of the soft neutrals like beige, ivory, army green or navy. For a more daring look, match it with lavender, periwinkle or marsala.

fall color_dusty rose


Wine continues to make a strong appearance in fashion and so too is its softer sister shade, marsala. Wine looks good with all its berry counterparts – from boysen, goose, blue, blackberry and black cherry. It also works well with a range of blues, in particular sky blue. For the bold at heart, try it with goldenrod or spearmint.

fall color_marsala

Carolyn Bissett