Call of the Wild


Every fall I hear that animal prints are big for the season. What, again? Déja vu. The thing is they never really go away so investing in animal print pieces is money well spent. Take comfort knowing you will wear it year in and year out. It is indeed the new neutral and a basic of wardrobe styling. It chics up any outfit. Put on a pair of leopard print heels with boyfriend jeans and ahhh wooo, that’s one good look. Same goes throwing an animal print cardi over a basic tee. It’s practically good enough to eat.

My mom bought me the best leopard print, pony-hair, to-the knee pencil skirt about a millennia ago that I regret giving away. It was gorgeous. I know for certain that I could wear it just as easily today as when I received it at 17 – assuming it still fit my caboose.

Nothing beats the look of a calf-hair animal print bag or shoe paired with head to toe neutrals, so that it becomes the focal point. Even better is pairing bold jewel tones – think hot pink, royal blue, radiant orchid, rich plums, emerald green or my personal favourite, garnet – with leopard print. It looks equally stunning against leather or suede. Do try it in more luxe fabrics because if the animal print is a bit cheap, it loses the effect and you risk looking a bit like a cougar – sorry, bad reference. Also worth noting is python print. It mixes beautifully with so many fabrics and textures, so try away. You may be surprised how good it looks.

Since we are talking animal inspiration, let’s not forget faux-fur. I love a good faux-fur vest over a silk blouse or chambray shirt. Rachel Zoe is the mistress of this look. Touches of faux-fur, such as a patchwork front on a sweater or a faux fur scarf add such a lovely element to an outfit. The look is rich.

My experience has been that the faux-fur trend is preferred by women moreso then by men. Every time I wear my faux-fur vest, my husband says “oh, you have your gerbil vest on today.” Not thrilled, but I must admit it does make me giggle because I kind of get where he’s coming from.

So love that leopard, embrace a snake – and I don’t say this readily as I have a major phobia – wrap yourself in zebra, don’t gaffe over giraffe, just go for it!



  1. Always have loved the animal print and have been wearing it for years! love the look in small doses!

  2. Oooh, I need more leopard in my life!

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