The bootcut pant is back for spring 2015


Welcome back bootcut and flared pants for spring 2015.

Bootcut pants

Did you break up with your bootcut pants? I hope it wasn’t too bitter, involving sharp objects and corrosive chemicals turning them into the coolest of bleach dyed jean shorts. Or maybe you just showed them the door and dumped them in the bin at the local Sally Ann. For those that tossed or altered them forever, not to worry because the shape isn’t the same as a few years ago anyway. Phewf, you didn’t turn them into jorts for nothing. And for those that kept them, well the bad news is the same reason as I said for those that tossed them so we will need to repurchase anyway. How so, you ask? A: The waistline is higher and so too are the shades of denim available. Of course it is because that is indeed the marketing machine. They make it tough on us to fully recycle fashion unless it’s a good 30 years past, and even then it likely involves a touch of DIY.

flared pants

suede flat

Skinnies with suede flats

Dang it, you finally fully filled your chest of drawers with skinnies in all the latest colours and prints, then changed them all again to accommodate the higher waistline. Not to fret because skinnies aren’t going anywhere just yet and are equally on trend for spring 2015. Well a big old thanks to whomever had mercy on us. What are we supposed to wear with all those cool city sneaks that are popping up everywhere this season? Skinny pants look much better with flats than the bootcut shape does.

Bootcut and flared pants are awkward with flat shoes, unless maybe it’s a flip flop. We get a more stylish and work appropriate trouser jean that looks great with a heel (be it stacked, wedge or stiletto) and is universally flattering. It works wonders on most body shapes by balancing the hip and giving a gorgeous silhouette, which is why it went away for such a fraction of a moment, so short in fact that some may not have even realized it. Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back. So while the bootcut or flared pant will be hotter than a ghost pepper for spring 2015, the skinny that we’ve all come to embrace over the last few years, perfect for those loose-y goose-y tops that hide yesterday’s indulgences, and great with flats for our poor, suffering tootsies, will still be available but taking somewhat of a backseat.


How to wear bootcut and flared pants for spring 2015

To look current in the re-interpreted version of the bootcut pant, there are a few style tips to take away.

That 70s Style

Adding touches of 70s style will take this what’s old is new look into spring 2015. Add elements of suede for spring, an equestrian bag, fringe, chunky shoes, psychedelic patterns, etc. to transform your bootcut pants from 2007 to 1975 meets 2015. A button up shirt always works well with this look, especially in softer fabrics like silks. Vests and blazers are also great. Try adding a long, silk scarf tied around your neck to add visual interest.

bootcut 70s vibe


One way to look current in the bootcut pant is to dress top-to-toe in the same colour or tone. Think about that gorgeous garnet suit that Jennifer Aniston wore to the Critics Choice Awards, or try it with a blouse and pant combo in the same colour, as seen on Kelly Ripa, but do select a colour to give it the modern spin.

jennifer aniston cca Kr25

Faded Out

The latest in bootcut jeans are done in a lighter wash than we saw a few years ago. Every shade is available, but the paler stone wash blue is bang on for spring 2015


Add Print

Try adding a printed baseball or bomber style jacket in a floral to give this pant a modern twist. Printed silk shirts are another on trend option.

floral bomber jacket


Floral print stilettos, suede stilettos in a bold colour or a stacked heel all work wonders with your bootcut and flared pants.

floral heel suede heels


Style Note: Make sure your bootcut or flared pants are to-the-ground. You don’t want this pant to land a little short otherwise it looks awkward. It should lie over the shoe and skim the ground.

So I think it’s safe to say that you can still enjoy your skinnies a while longer and you can welcome back your new, higher waisted version of the bootcut pants. They are the Ebony and Ivory of pants on women, working together in perfect fashion harmony.


Carolyn Bissett






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  2. I held on to mine, but they just feel so weird after a couple years of wearing only skinnies!!!!!

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