Blushed Nudes


The heat is on. I find myself all hot and bothered, in the best possible way. I can feel the flush creeping up my neck, making its way to my face, bypassing my cheeks altogether, and landing right on my eyelids. Maybelline New York, you’ve done it again with the new Blushed Nudes eyeshadow palette. Twelve shades of rose gold, wild rose, rosé, and yes, even a marsala-esque shade made their way into The Blushed Nudes palette. Marsala where have you been? After Pantone announced you to be the colour of the year, I’ve been looking everywhere for you over the last 6 months. You’ve been noticeably absent in favour of your fraudulent misrepresentation, Merlot, which is not the same at all. You can’t fool me with your deeper, reddier tones. So thank you Maybelline for doing your part and putting an interpretation of this colour into the palette.

Along with the rosier tones are some other lovely nude pigments in the palette like vanilla, champagne, mocha, mahogany and steel-y greys. It is wonderful on dark eyes, but equally great on blue eyes too. And green and hazel eyes contrast beautifully with the soft pink, champagne and grey shades in the palette. It is truly perfect for everyone, outside of those with a temporary case of pink eye, but like all bad things, that too shall pass. So get ready to make your eye colour pop.

blushed nudes

As demonstrated on the back of the packaging, try mixing two, three or four of the shades together on your eyelids. Maybelline has provided you with the most complementary combination of options that work best. For those that like a light touch, try the duo combination. I suggest adding a light wash of one of the lighter pink tones and go in to the crease with a quick swipe of the deeper, plummier tones. For those that never shy away from makeup, go to town. You can follow the chart, but I suspect you already know what you are doing.

Blushed Nudes

This palette reminds me a lot of my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, only it’s a fraction of the cost. I love my UDN3 so I am very excited to try this one out and compare the dupe to the real deal.

The common complaint with Maybelline’s The Nudes eyeshadow palettes have been that it’s not as pigmented as some of the other more expensive (and less expensive) lines. You need to go in and apply again and again to get the makeup to adhere. The other complaint is that staying power is not great. Personally, I like to take the view that those interested in nude makeup shades prefer a light touch. For this reason, I’m okay with that. Plus, you can always go back and add more, but taking away is a whole other kettle of fish.

I’m excited to try this eyeshadow palette. So excited in fact that I almost wish that I had more than two eyes – almost, but not really. And it could be worse. I could be a cyclops and only have the one to work with. I will count my lucky stars.

I am on my way to Shoppers Drug Mart to see about picking myself up one of these little puppies. At $10-$15, the price is easily affordable for one and all. See ya!

Carolyn Bissett


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