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While dogs are not accessories, don’t you think this little charm looks pretty darn great from my wrist? Let me introduce the latest addition to our family, Rory – Altair’s Where Wild Things Are. Rory came to us with his own accessories, a Kawartha Kennel Club, All Breed Championship Dog Show, Best Baby Puppy in Breed ribbon. Please indulge me. It’s a mother’s bragging rights.

Rory - Powder Puff Chinese Crested


Now on to accessories for the human kind. A lot of people find accessorizing to be daunting. It can be confusing incorporating and blending accessories to make the ensemble come together. How much is too much, what size should I buy, can you mix your metals? Try not to shy away because accessories play a vital role in harmonizing an outfit. It can transform a very nondescript outfit to one that gets noticed and receives compliments. You can completely change your look with the right accessories. The same white t-shirt and jeans becomes pretty, rock ‘n roll, urban or glamorous with the right mix and combination of necklace, earrings, bracelets, ring, belt, watch, footware, purse, scarf or hat. Think of how different boyfriend jeans look with a bold coloured stiletto vs an edgy sneaker in a metallic or animal print. Throw on a pile of bangles and a big ring, or trade it for a leather cuff and ring on every finger and you have two different looks.

Michael Kors does accessories better than anyone. His style sense include clean lines, neutral colours and wardrobe basics, but when the look comes together with his accessories, it is nothing close to basic and nothing less than stellar. I bow to the master of adornment.  He manages to do subtle and bold in one. Who else can take classic and clean and simultaneously make the same outfit look edgy, chic, sophisticated, rich and luxurious? If Michael Kors is out of your price range, take inspiration from him because he truly does it like no other.

Michael Kors Accessories

Michael Kors 2011 – classic and timeless

My favourite new piece of hardware is a birthday gift given to me by my BFF. It’s an interpretation of Christian Dior’s Mise en Dior Tribal Earring. It  is the latest in “it” jewellery and seen on all the celebrities. I love this item because I find it tows the line between classically elegant with the small pearl earring in front, but edgier with the larger bauble peering out behind your lobe. It says “I’m classic, no wait, I’m cool.”

Mise en Dior Earrings - jewelry

Mise en Dior pearl earring

I am from the school of more is more. I love accessories and I love layering them. When I have one necklace, sometimes I decide to load up and add two more to really set the look. Same goes with bracelets or rings. The key is to pick and choose which one you want to be your star and which ones will be in the chorus line. Don’t throw it all on otherwise you will look too busy. The other important factor is you want your accessories to look like they were chosen with intention. If I’ve selected my wrist to heap on the stacked bracelets and have an arm party, I may opt to wear a single big ring on my opposite hand. Same goes with necklaces. If I’ve gone with a statement necklace, I’m going to simplify my earrings with a very basic stud and let the statement be at my neckline. If I want to wear a ring on each finger, I may opt to just do a simple necklace or scarf and moto boots. Picking and choosing is key, but don’t hesitate to layer.

How do you know what to choose? Why does one thing look great on one person, but falls flat on another? Well similar to the guidelines on selecting a purse, accessories follow a similar rule of thumb. Select your accessories based upon your frame. A petite or fine boned woman is going to look better in delicate pieces. Remember you can still load up on necklaces or bracelets, but select finer chains or pieces, and scarves shouldn’t swallow you up.  If you are taller or larger in frame, bigger jewelry is going to be better on you. You can carry it off.

jcrew bracelet

J.Crew Dangling Dart Bracelet

jcrew necklace

J.Crew Tassel Charm Pendant

Necklaces – When deciding whether you should wear a necklace or not, the basic rule is if the shirt has a lot of detail or adornment, let it be the accessory rather than trying to incorporate a necklace, and focus on something else such as a bold earring or cuff. A basic white silk blouse or crew neck sweater looks great with a couple of long, fine chain pendants or a statement necklace.


Lulu Frost for J.Crew Vineyard Necklace

Bracelets – I am crazy for bracelets that are stacked. I can’t get enough of them. Okay, I can because there is only so much arm to go around, but I do love a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 stacked bracelets. The key to doing it right is to select one item that is the big, standout piece. For me, that is usually my oversized Michael Kors watch, paired with finer beads, bangles, a charm bracelet and a simple chain, or leather wrap cuff. While we are at it, have you seen the new jewellery inspired tattoos? It’s a temporary tattoo that lasts about 4 days and is perfect for fashionistas everywhere. I may track some down for the holiday parties.

Rings – it’s no holds barred when it comes to rings. You can wear one on each finger or keep it simple and have one big ring. Some like to add three rings to one hand and leave two fingers free. It comes down to taste.

Belts – are great for cinching in the waistline and add a really pretty detail to a basic dress. Try adding a fitted leather and metallic belt to take your little black dress from desk to dinner.

Mixing Metals – oh yes you can. Unh hunh. Once upon a time they said it was a no-no, but this is as old as the blue and green washing machine. Please, mix away. It’s much more modern. The way to do it is to keep the jewelry in the same style. Don’t mix antiques with modern, for example. It looks so pretty when you pair mixed metal necklaces or stacked bracelets in a variety of tones.

Handbags – see what does my bag say article (November 2014)

Hosiery – Have fun with your hosiery. Take a simple midi length, knife pleated silk skirt and add polka dot hose. It is fun, chic and fashion forward. It looks so much more interesting than wearing the expected nude hose. And honestly, do any of us really like nude hose? If they weren’t so flammable I’m sure women would have burned them along with their bras back in the 60s. Safety first though.

Accessorizing is a wonderful way to express yourself. It is an opportunity to add interest to any outfit, to flatter your figure, and provide versatility to change one look and turn it into something seemingly different. I love to accessorize. To me it is a form of art. It permits me with an opportunity to get creative. I encourage you to try out a new necklace or pull out your great aunt’s brooch and see what you can create to change your look. Remember to have fun with it because that is what accessories are for.


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