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If it’s not Scottish, it’s craaaaap! Welcome to all things Scottish where you will find the finest of kilts (underwear optional), Fair Isle sweaters and 40 year old scotch. ‘Cept it’s not actually Scottish at all. This ain’t a Mac, nor is it a PC, but rather it’s a Mc. Welcome to all things Irish, where the potato is the proudest of the vegetables, Waterford crystal can be purchased straight from the House of Waterford, Guiness’s single stout is one bold brew, and of course there is the quintessential Aran knit jumper.


This cozy knit sweater is the perfect addition to keep you warm during the January doldrums (or January Uglies as I prefer to call them) when we are up to our eyeballs in snow (in particular you Easter Seaboard, USA), feeling like we are paler than white (or ashy) with hints of green, blue, pink or lavender undertones peaking through our now translucent skin. Goodbye summer glow.

OP Aran knit

Aran knits are one of the must-haves for the season. It’s chic and timeless and always in good taste. You can’t go wrong in a rich, creamy hue in this full-bodied, textured, craftsman-inspired sweater that makes the manliest of fishermen look elegant and sophisticated – and warm too. It’s equally gorgeous in shades of camel, serenity now blue, pink quartz, lavender, grey, navy or pretty much any colour of the rainbow.

OP_aran knit vest

Wondering what to wear with  your Aran knit sweater outside of the obvious jeans or leggings look? The options are endless so I encourage you to think outside the box. It’s preppy so you want to keep that in mind, but don’t shy away from prettying it up along with keeping it casual.

White on White

White after Labour Day is okay, when you do it in chunky wools, fabrics and textures. White on white looks amazing when it’s paired with a cable knit sweater. So please don’t fear wearing your white jeans in the depths of winter, unless it’s a slushy day and the drivers are mean-spirited.

Aran sweater


Layer your Aran knit sweater over top of a plaid shirt, long sleeved t-shirt in a contrasting but complimentary colour/pattern combination, or underneath a cocoon jacket. The look is timeless and definitely feels right.

Aran Sweater

aran over plaid

aran oversized

Casual Friday or Weekend Warrior

Nothing says Casual Friday better than a cozy Aran knit sweater with jeans and a cute pair of booties  or city slides. You’ll be toasty warm on your way to the office, in the office and doing your lunch hour errands. I love it with boyfriend or girlfriend jeans, distressed denim and skinny jeans.

Aran sweater

Aran sweater street

aran under coat

Float-y Skirt

Think the fabric is too soft for the chunkier knit? Think again. This is a great contrast to the two fabrics and allows you to continue to wear your fine fabric skirts well into the colder season. Do it with tights and not nylons, and add a bootie that has some weight or solidness to it rather than selecting a pretty heel.

aran soft skirt


I love the look of the Aran knit sweater when it’s balanced with textural fabrics like suede, leather, corduroy, metallics or bold prints like animal print. I guarantee people will pet you in this sweater. There’s something about the cable knit sweater that is so very touchable.

aran sweater

Aran OP

Oversized or Sweater dress

The oversized cable knit sweater is right on trend for 2016. So too is a cable knit sweater dress. It’s elegant and lovely and very fashion forward. Try it in lengths ranging from tunic to ankle. Mid-calf is my current favourite length.

aran sweaterdress

Aran oversized

aran oversized

Bold Colour

Why not mix and match with bold colour combinations.

Who should avoid Aran knits?

Anyone with a large bust line or broad shoulders may want to leave this look to their smaller chested sisters. Same when it comes to men. If you’ve indulged in a glass too many of Bailey’s Irish Cream over the holiday season and the gut is showing the telltale signs of Christmas past, the cable knit will only add bulk and emphasize belly, bust and broad shoulders.

Otherwise, I encourage you to add this look to your winter wardrobe. 125 years of seeing the Aran knit jumper can only tell you one thing – you can’t go wrong.

Carolyn Bissett


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