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AboutMeWelcome to The Fashion Fix. My name is Carolyn Bissett and I have loved fashion from the time I could dress myself. I loved playing dress up, styling my Barbies, going to the mall, and the day when the Internet first offered online shopping. Over the years, I found myself shopping for others without even realizing that I was doing it. I’d scour the racks and tell the person in mind that I found the perfect piece for them, and suggest they pop in and give it a try.

Friends, family and co-workers often ask me to go shopping with them, or help them find an outfit for an event, ask me how to pair clothes, accessorize, or if certain shoes or hosiery work with an outfit. And I love offering my input.

I decided to create The Fashion Fix because I am passionate about helping others look their best. I love reading about fashion, watching it on TV, writing about it, and scoping out people on the street who do it so well, and learn from their own pairing choices. I will sometimes give them a silent shout out in my head and say “nailed it!”

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and if you are interested in seeking my fashion expertise services then lets get in touch.

Carolyn Bissett



  1. You always look amazing…can you come and browse my closet?

  2. This is super cute and helpful particularly for those of use who could really, really use these tips. Congrats on this new venture!

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