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Get in the Dolorean because we are going back in time. Carol Brady may currently be focused on the Millenials, but the designers have their eye on the 70s. Brace yourself because the 70s are colliding with 2015 and it’s going to cause a bit of a stir. Eyelet tops and embroidered dresses, flare legs and dark denim suits, patchwork pants and belted trench coats, kimonos and Yeti faux-fur vests, corduroy everything and more suede than you’ve seen in years will be found in 70s fashion for 2015. The modern interpretation of 70s fashion has just as much glam as Studio 54, but also incorporates the edge of Almost Famous, the free-spirited romantic bohemian beauty, and the revival of the hippie chick. So dig deep into your cedar chest and pull out your grandmother’s caftan because the 70s fashion trend is back in a big way.

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2014 gave a nod to mod with lots of black and white, micro minis, and psychedelic patterns, but it was really just a quick wink to the decade. 2015 will be full on 70s chic. After all, it’s only natural that the 70s should follow suit. You will definitely recognize it as 70s fashion with lots of not so subtle elements. Prepare for fringe, A-line suede skirts, bold button details and embellishments, chunky heeled boots, fitted blazers with bell bottom pants, matching suits, bold patterns and rich hues of cognac, rust, olive, paprika and caramel that all scream 70s fashion.

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How to Wear 70s Fashion in 2015?

You don’t want to look like you are on you way to a theme party so how do you incorporate the 70s trend and make it look current for 2015? The way to do it is don’t be too literal. We don’t want to take a walk down memory lane, but rather make a shift in the direction that fashion is taking us. If you wear an embroidered dress, try pairing it with tall gladiator sandals and fine chain layered necklaces. If you are wearing flare (bell bottom) jeans, try adding a circle or half circle shaped purse or even a bucket bag. Wrap a silk scarf around your neck and tie it flight attendant style. Add a braided belt in a cognac colour to make it current. You want to be inspired by what the 70s offered rather than reliving it.

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Footware is strong and structured, yet soft. Boots are suede all the way and are taller than the booties we’ve seen for the last several seasons. This is to create balance with the silhouettes of the 70s. Shoes have a stacked or block heel, but still remain very feminine with the shape. Expect to see more gold and cognac tones rather than the traditional play-it-safe black shoe. For an interesting turn, why not make it a snakeskin shoe or boot, or a long, white pointed toed loafer.

Try pairing non-traditional colours together. Rather than mixing camel with orange so that it is very reminiscent of the 70s, try wearing it with mint or lavender. Mint is also great with army green. Or try mixing mustard yellow with sky blue, which coincidentally also works with marsala. The goal is to be modern and not a throw back.

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Seventies fashion is not for the faint of heart. It is bold and brave and shows confidence in those who wear it. So why not give it a try? Start with a piece and build upon it. And if you don’t love it as much as you thought, set it aside because it’ll be back in style in another 40 years.

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Carolyn Bissett



  1. This is one period I had prayed would never come back. I still come across my school picture wearing a mustard yellow turtle neck and brown sunflowers when I was 10. I think it was my mom’s inspiration to decorate our kitchen at the time – need I say it – Yuck!

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