2015: The Year of Marsala


Happy New Year, Fashionfixonistas! 2014 has officially come to an end. We saw wide legged trousers, thigh high boots, robe coats, cozy blanket coats, flat shoes, orthopedic fashion sandals, quilted everything, black, white and pastel tones, Santa Fe, fast food and comic inspired trends, and so much more. Some made us smile, some made us run to the malls faster than Usain Bolt (or at least I did), and some that made us head for the hills. We saw fashions we love, and trends that we prefer to see go the way of the dodo. All-in-all, you can’t say it hasn’t been fun and rarely has been dull.

marsala celebrities

It’s time to say hello to 2015. Prepare to make way for the Year of the Sheep – is that why there is so much boiled wool and fuzzy shearling coats around? I predict 2015 to be a great success for Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B line. One other thing to prepare for is the Year of Marsala. Say what? Like it or hate it, Marsala is the Colour of the Year for 2015, according to the Pantone Color Institute.

What is Marsala?

What is Marsala, you ask? I call this shade a rosey-wine-brown. It’s less orange-y than terracotta and not so spicy as paprika. It’s a wine so think in terms of those tones, but has an earthy quality to it and softer with a definite pink underlying the wine colour. It truly is a shade all on its own. Like it or hate it, it’s here for the year and you will see many things in fashion and home decor pop-up in this tone. Personally, I love it. I praise the folks at Pantone for taking a risk, but I recognize that it’s not going to be for everyone. I have heard some less than flattering descriptions surrounding it, but I’m feeling too much of a lady today to share. I guess it is kind of like puce, which sounds a bit like what some equate it too. It has its fans and it has just as many haters. But don’t hate on Marsala. Give it a whirl, Pearl because this colour will look good on so many skin tones. It’s not too dark to overwhelm the fairest of the fair skin tones. It will brighten up the complexions of many and soften the deeper skin tones. It’s warm and earthy and flattering on so many.


What Colours to Wear with Marsala?

This colour looks good with many pairings. There are the obvious neutrals like ivory, cream, beige, camel, grey and navy, but consider trying it with smoke-y blue tones (or virtually all blue tones), sunset shades and blush pinks or a deep eggplant.  For an unexpected contrast, consider the softest sea foam green, pale Cape Cod blue, spring green or vibrant lilac. This contrast works beautifully, but perhaps not for the wallflower.

If you find yourself feeling a bit shy to try it in clothing, consider introducing it into your accessories like a handbag, shoes or gloves. It’s also making an appearance in makeup with blush (Nars Seduction or Outlaw), eye shadow (Makeup Forever in Teak) and lipstick shades. And for a super easy way to be on trend, but with minimal cost and commitment, try a nail polish like Essie’s In Stitches in this hue.

NARS-Seduction-Blush marsala-eyeshadow

Move over Radiant Orchid. You are so last year. You were a welcome colour for 2014, making everyone that came into contact with it smile, and so little controversy around your loveliness, but your term has come to an end. It’s time to take a risk and make way for Marsala because it’s going to be everywhere.




Carolyn Bissett




  1. Love the colour. I’ve traditionally mixed it with black, maybe I’ll take a whirl with navy? What about accessories – gold or silver?

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